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Mega Evolution is a mechanic in the Pokémon series, introduced in Pokémon X and Y. It is a temporary mega evolution that can be initiated in battle if the Pokémon is holding the Mega Stone for their species, however, only select Pokémon can undergo Mega Evolution. It can be triggered in battle before attacking, and it allows the Pokémon to attack after undergoing Mega Evolution. Only one Pokémon per team can be in its Mega Evolution, and after the battle is over any Pokémon in their mega evolution return to their normal form.

List of Mega Evolutions

Number Image Name Type(s) Ability
003 Mega Venusaur.png Mega Venusaur GrassGrassPoisonPoison Thick Fat
006 Mega Charizard X art.png Mega Charizard X FireFireDragonDragon Tough Claws
006 Mega Charizard Y.png Mega Charizard Y FireFireFlyingFlying Drought
009 Mega Blastoise.png Mega Blastoise WaterWater Mega Launcher
015 Mega Beedrill.png Mega Beedrill BugBugPoisonPoison Adaptability
018 Mega Pidgeot.png Mega Pidgeot NormalNormalFlyingFlying No Guard
065 Mega Alakazam.png Mega Alakazam PsychicPsychic Trace
087 Mega Slowbro.png Mega Slowbro WaterWaterPsychicPsychic Shell Armor
094 Mega Gengar.png Mega Gengar GhostGhostPoisonPoison Shadow Tag
115 Mega Kangaskhan.png Mega Kangaskhan NormalNormal Parental Bond
127 Mega Pinsir.png Mega Pinsir BugBugFlyingFlying Aerilate
130 Mega Gyarados.png Mega Gyarados WaterWaterDarkDark Mold Breaker
142 Mega Aerodactyl.png Mega Aerodactyl RockRockFlyingFlying Tough Claws
150 Mega Mewtwo X.png Mega Mewtwo X PsychicPsychicFightingFighting Steadfast
150 Mega Mewtwo Y.png Mega Mewtwo Y PsychicPsychic Insomnia
181 Mega Ampharos.png Mega Ampharos ElectricElectricDragonDragon Mold Breaker
208 Mega Steelix.png Mega Steelix SteelSteelGroundGround Sand Force
212 Mega Scizor.png Mega Scizor BugBugSteelSteel Technician
214 Mega Heracross.png Mega Heracross BugBugFightingFighting Skill Link
229 Mega Houndoom.png Mega Houndoom DarkDarkFireFire Solar Power
248 Mega Tyranitar.png Mega Tyranitar RockRockDarkDark Sand Stream
254 Mega Sceptile.png Mega Sceptile GrassGrassDragonDragon Lightningrod
257 Mega Blaziken.png Mega Blaziken FireFireFightingFighting Speed Boost
260 Mega Swampert.png Mega Swampert WaterWaterGroundGround Swift Swim
282 Mega Gardevoir.png Mega Gardevoir PsychicPsychicFairyFairy Pixilate
302 Mega Sableye.png Mega Sableye GhostGhostDarkDark Magic Bounce
303 Mega Mawile.png Mega Mawile SteelSteelFairyFairy Huge Power
306 Mega Aggron.png Mega Aggron SteelSteel Filter
308 Mega Medicham.png Mega Medicham FightingFightingPsychicPsychic Pure Power
310 Mega Manectric.png Mega Manectric ElectricElectric Intimidate
319 Mega Sharpedo.png Mega Sharpedo WaterWaterDarkDark Strong Jaw
323 Mega Camerupt.png Mega Camerupt FireFireGroundGround Sheer Force
334 Mega Altaria.png Mega Altaria DragonDragonFairyFairy Pixilate
354 Mega Banette.png Mega Banette GhostGhost Prankster
359 Mega Absol.png Mega Absol DarkDark Magic Bounce
362 Mega Glalie.png Mega Glalie IceIce Refrigerate
373 Mega Salamence.png Mega Salamence DragonDragonFlyingFlying Aerilate
376 Mega Metagross.png Mega Metagross SteelSteel PsychicPsychic Tough Claws
380 Mega Latias.png Mega Latias DragonDragonPsychicPsychic Levitate
381 Mega Latios.png Mega Latios DragonDragonPsychicPsychic Levitate
384 Mega Rayquaza.png Mega Rayquaza DragonDragonFlyingFlying Delta Stream
428 Mega Lopunny.png Mega Lopunny NormalNormalFightingFighting Scrappy
445 Mega Garchomp.png Mega Garchomp DragonDragonGroundGround Sand Force
448 Mega Lucario.png Mega Lucario FightingFightingSteelSteel Adaptability
460 Mega Abomasnow.png Mega Abomasnow GrassGrass IceIce Snow Warning
475 Mega Gallade.png Mega Gallade PsychicPsychicFightingFighting Inner Focus
531 Mega Audino.png Mega Audino NormalNormalFairyFairy Healer
719 Mega Diancie.png Mega Diancie RockRockFairyFairy Magic Bounce

Super Smash Bros.

Lucario, Mewtwo, and Charizard all have a Final Smash transforms them into their mega evolved form. Lucario's Mega Evolution makes him more powerful, Charizard's Mega Evolution allows him to use Fire Blast temperately and Dragon Rush and Mewtwo's Mega Evolution does Psystrike. Lucario and Charizard can also perform the Undeath Glitch. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mewtwo and Lucario still had Mega Evolution, but Charizard returned to his Pokémon Trainer team.

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