Meg ​is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. She is the youngest daughter of Brom who hails from the village of Ohma. She travels in search of Brom's friend, Zihark, whom her father wants her to marry.


Meg first appears in a Base Conversation in which she spies on Sothe and Micaiah until they notice her. Once she clarifies that she does not have any bad intentions, they accept her into the Dawn Brigade. In a Base Conversation in Chapter 7, she finally meets Zihark and reveals her plans to wed him at her father's request. However, he does not show interest in her and instead appears to be annoyed, which she does not notice.

Although she has conversations with Brom during the chapters during which the Laguz Alliance fights the Dawn Brigade, Meg is unable to switch sides because she believes in Micaiah. She can also be spoken to by Zihark if he defects to Ike's side, but nothing will occur from it. In a similar manner to Zihark, Meg has conversations with Jill if the latter defects to the Laguz Alliance. In these scenes, it is revealed that the two of them are friends.

In the ending, it is revealed that Meg marries an unknown man and had an ordinary family. It is said that her home was always full of laughter.

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