Meet Up at the Pokémon House? (ポケモンの家あつまる? Pokémon no Uchi Atsumaru?), (abbreviated as Pokémon House (Japanese: ポケモンの家) and more commonly known as Pokénchi) (Japanese: ポケんち), is a Japanese Pokémon television variety show that began airing at 8:00 to 8:30 A.M. on Sundays on the TV Tokyo from October 4, 2015 to March 27, 2022, making it the first variety show not to have reruns of previous anime episodes, unlike its predecessors. It ran during Pokémon the Series: XY, Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon and Pokémon Journeys: The Series. It was succeeded by PokéDoko.

It is a successor to Pokémon Get☆TV. The show's content stays similar to its predecessor, including skits, games, and the latest Pokémon news. It is hosted by Shoko Nakagawa, Rinka Otani, Hyadain, and Abareru-kun. Guest hosts frequently join the main hosts and stay until the end of the episode.


The show mainly takes place inside of a house, decorated and dubbed as Pokémon House decorated with all kinds of Pokémon furniture and merchandise. The show mainly takes place in the living room, with a kitchen and stairs leading to bedrooms visible in the background.

On occasion, the hosts will do segments outside of the house. If not all of the hosts leave, the rest stay at the house and watch the absent hosts' activities.


The first section often features special guests, which are the fans of the Pokémon series. The second half features a Pokémon battle between the hosts and the special guests or other Pokémon fans, referred as Pokéfriends. There is rarely a third section, but sometimes one is added when there's an activity related to the show itself, such as making a theme song. The third section is also used to promote upcoming Pokémon games, Pokémon the Series episodes, or movies.

Notable Guests[]

Meet Up at the Pokémon House? has featured various guests on the show. Many of them have been recurring guests, appearing more than one time in the show.


The ending theme song is Poké-Friends' Song by Shoko Nakagawa, Hyadain, Abareru-kun, and Rinka Otani.


  • Meet Up at the Pokémon House? is the longest running Pokémon variety show, lasting for seven years.

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