A bipedal Mechon, the main soldiers of the Mechonis army.

Mechons is a type of mechanical enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles. They acts as the main antagonistic force for most of the game. They were originally created by the Machinas as autonomous units but were taken over by Egil after Zanza's attack on Mechonis and turned them into his personal militaristic force with the goal to kill most of the life on Bionis as it would eventually kill Zanza. They cannot be damaged by physical attacks that aren't dealt by the Monado, a weapon powered by Monado Enchant or a weapon created specifically for that reason. The different types of Mechons can greatly vary in shapes and sizes. They can be drones, bipedals, huges and mantis-like, smalls or even spider-like in appearance.

Faced Mechon is the name given to the huge humanoid generals/special forces of the Mechon Army. They were created as armors for the highly modified bodies of previously dead Homs. Most Homs turned into Faced Mechons retains their memories of their previous life as well as their intelligence and combat skills. The less skilled Homs that are turned into Faced Mechons are given generic Mass-Produced Faces armors while the greatly skilled warriors who were turned into Faced Mechons are given armors made for them and become generals of the Mechon army. These Faced Mechons were created by Egil to counter the Monado as he discovered that in its current state, it was unable to damage the sentient life of Bionis.

Types of Mechons

Normal Minor Mechon

Quest Exclusive Mechon

Story Exclusive Enemies

Mechon Unique Monsters