Max Malicious Moonsault is Incineroar's Final Smash.

Incineroar Final Smash SSBU.gif


Upon activating, Incinium Z will briefly flash on the screen before Incineroar rushes forward to grab an opponent. Before the grab, anyone touching Incineroar will take mild damage and hitstun. If it connects, Incineroar will Irish whip its opponent into a wrestling ring and assault them with an uppercut, a dropkick and another uppercut before hitting them with a diving battering ram, the latter of which causes a giant explosion upon landing on the wrestling ring. This can only hit 1 opponent. According to Masahiro Sakurai, Max Malicious Moonsault is even faster and fiercer than the Z-Move it is based on. While the move can only connect on a single opponent, its explosion will damage anyone caught in the blast radius after the cutscene has ended.

If this misses while Incineroar is on the ground, it'll slap its knee in frustration.

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