Master of Illusion Express: Deep Psyche is a DSiWare video game and part of the Master of Illusion Express series. The game was the final of three games released. It features a few games from Master of Illusion, a game released on the Nintendo DS a couple years prior to this title. The game costs the player 200 Nintendo Points, which is $2 USD. The three games included are Deep Psyche, Today's Special, and Vanishing Card, the latter of which was included in the two previous Master of Illusion games. The two first games are basically number choosing games that will always have the same result. The games' results are:

  • Deep Psyche: After choosing the numbers, the final number will always end up being 50807041. After this, the game will ask the player to turn the system upside down, and it'll appear to read "I HOLD 8DS".
  • Today's Special: You'll be asked to choose a single number from a few lines, and when combined it'll always add up to be the days date.
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