Master Necky is the second boss Donkey Kong Country located at the end of Monkey Mines. This bird is a giant species of Necky without feathers or wings.


When Donkey and Diddy, battle Master Necky, he attempts to shoot coconuts at the two. In order for them to attack Master Necky, the two primates must jump on Master Necky's head using the partial piece of Tire stuck inside of the ground in the middle of the course. This cycle must be done five times total so the two monkeys can win access to Vine Valley and earn a giant banana.

In the Game Boy Advance version, Master Necky has a minor difference, he turns red when coming onscreen and offscreen, indicating that he is temporarily invincible.

Another difference in this version is where he can be found helping Master Necky Snr. battle Donkey and Diddy in Chimp Caverns. This makes the battle in a big difficulty level. When Master Necky Snr. is defeated before Master Necky, Master Necky shoots four coconuts at a time or the other way around if Master Necky is first defeated. Overall, the battle is still the same.


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