Master Belch is a character from the game EarthBound. He is a big, animated pile of vomit, addicted to Fly Honey (Fly Honey is to flies as bee honey is to bees), and leader of other smaller piles of vomit. Also, he is one of Giygas's most esteemed minions.



Master Barf

After Ness's party goes to Saturn Valley, they are informed Master Belch is the one behind the zombie invasion in Threed. In addition, he has enslaved many Mr. Saturn so that they can mass-produce Fly Honey. The protagonists can trick him into smelling Fly Honey and win the battle more easily. Once defeated, the Mr. Saturn are freed.

Later in the game, after the party visits Scaraba, Poo leaves the party temporarily, and Ness, Paula and Jeff go to the Deep Darkness swamp, and they find Master Belch there, now called Master Barf. A moment after the battle begins, Poo comes from the sky, casting PK Starstorm on Barf, and defeating him instantly.


Master Belch: (+) Max HP: 650 - Max PP: 0 - Offense: 50 - Defense: 88 - Speed: 16 - Guts: 20 - Exp.: 12509 - Money: $664 - No chance of getting an item.

Master Barf: (+) Max HP: 1319 - Max PP: 0 - Offense: 136 - Defense: 177 - Speed: 24 - Guts: 39 - Exp.: 12509 - Money: $3536 - Casey Bat

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