Mashtooth (Art)
Mashtooth is the prime antagonist in the game, The Legendary Starfy. Mashtooth was a dragon space pirate who attacked and conquered planet Bunnera and absorbed the power of all the Bunnerans that he could find by inhaling their power through his nostrils. There was one certain Bunneran in particular that he was after, and that was the prince, Bunston, who he believed could give him the power to rule the galaxy. Mashtooth sent his three most incompetent henchmen to catch Bunston, known as the Terrible Trio. They eventually cornered Bunston, but he managed to escape in his ship. The trio chased after him, and shot him down over Pufftop. After he landed in front of Starfy, he had a bad case of amnesia. Starfy, Bunston, and Moe decided to find the pieces of the ship to help Bunston get his memory back. During their quest, the Terrible Trio realized that what they were doing was wrong and was wanting to help Starfy, but they feared Mashtooth. After they got the last piece of the ship, Mashtooth talked to them from space, and Bunston suddenly remembered every thing. They went to Bunneria and confronted Mashtooth. Starfy and Bunston tried to defeat him as Monstar, but his shield was too strong. After being encouraged by Bunston and Moe, however, Starfy gained the power to penetrate Mashtooth's shield. During the fight, Mashtooth would charge at Starfy with his sword and would then shoot lightning. After being defeated, Mashtooth absoarbed Bunston's power by swallowing him, and sprouted wings. He then brutally attacked Starfy and Moe, until the Terrible Trio decided


that it was time to put an end to the disaster and attacked Mashtooth and freed Bunston. Starfy and Mashtooth then flew off into the sky and fought. Mashtooth would once again shoot lightning, but would also shoot energy balls and fly towards Starfy. After being apparently defeated, Mashtooth used his fire-breath to launch the moon towards Starfy. Starfy launced the moon back at Mashtooth, who then used the same strategy again. Starfy once again launched it at Mashtooth. This time, the moon hit Mashtooth with an explosion, apparently destroying him. There is no evidence that he survived the explosion, but it is a possibility. After being defeated, the power that Mashtooth stole returned to the Bunnerans. Although he was an evil dragon space pirate, Mashtooth could be easily fooled. One example was when Moe told him that evil never wins, and then Mashtooth said that he had no choice to give up, until he caught on to their trick.
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