Mascula is a non-playable character from Dragalia Lost. He is the brother of Laxi.

Physical appearance

Mascula has sliver hair and grey eyes like his sister Laxi. his hair covers his right eye. He wears small blue hat with black details and wears a black shirt a white coat and a blue tie and white pants. he wears black gloves and boots.


Mascula first appears in Chapter 11. Unlike many other androids, he is a pacifist and became friends with Luca. He helped Euden and his friends find his sister Laxi and help her come back to normal. After Laxi was defeated, Mascula’s only option is to give his heart to Laxi. He can control her speech functions and can still talk with Luca.

Official Description

Mascula enters the fray with a new body, piloted remotely from his heart within Laxi. Though pained by conflict to the point that it makes him weep—inasmuch as an android can—he resolves to fight for a better future.


  • In Gala Luca’s artwork, Luca wields Mascula’s blade.