Marx Soul is the final boss of Kirby Super Star Ultra. Marx Soul was absent in the original Kirby Super Star.


Marx Soul Looks just like Marx, but more powerful. Marx Soul has purple wings and 3 fangs on them instead of 2.


Marx Soul uses attacks used by Marx but a little different.

Cutter Attack

Completely the same, but uses it two times in a row rather than once.


The same as Marx.

Black Hole

The same as Marx.

Paint Attack

This is a new attack given to Marx Soul. He splits himself in two and paintballs rain down. Can give Kirby the Paint ability.

Needle Attack

Now Roses come up giving Kirby more damage.

Laser Ball

Marx Soul Turns into Two Laser Balls And Then attacks in up two down or down to up. Then Marx Soul turns back to Normal.


  • Marx Soul is one of the only bosses to have a Soul form along with Dracia Soul, Magolor Soul, and Void Soul.
  • The Paint Attack And The Laser Ball Attack are used by Drawcia Soul.
  • The Laser Beam Attack is used by Magolor and Magolor Soul.
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