Martin Summer is a guest in Room 211 in the Nintendo DS video game Hotel Dusk: Room 215. He stole Helen Parker's son Alan's novel.Both Alan and Martin's dream was to be a writer. Alan kept chasing after his dream while Martin gave up. Alan was writing a book to be in a writing contest. Alan invited Summer to come over.When Summer arrived, he saw him writing.Alan told him he was writing a book to be in an writing contest. He placed the book in a drawer and went to his room. Summer took the book and read it. He became so jealous that Alan was going to be a writer and he wasn't. Summer took it home, typed it up under his name and won the writing contest, making him a writer. Somehow Summer got the possession of the pen Helen gave Alan. Alan fled somewhere. But when Summer was writing his own novels, they didn't sell that much. Summer came to Hotel Dusk because Alan told him that Hotel Dusk is a place of memories for him.

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