Marrymore is the marriage resort only appearing in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. It is where Raz and Rainiwere going to get married, before Booster runs in for his wedding with Princess Toadstool. Mario, Mallow, Geno and Bowser go into the resort to stop Booster and his Snifits. When Mario rescues Princess Toadstool, she kisses him; however, this is only if Mario quickly finds Toadstool's stolen jewelry. If the player takes too long, Mario could end up getting a kiss from Bowser or Booster, as both of them want a kiss from Toadstool as well.

Just as Mario and Peach are leaving, Chef Torte comes in with a living cake named Bundt, which Mario fights. Afterwards, Booster eats the rest of the cake. Later on, after the adventure is complete, during clips of various characters from the game continuing with their lives. There is a clip of Booster and Valentina getting married at Marrymore.

Trivia and Tips

In the Inn at Marrymore you can stay in the suite. For the first 3 times, you get a Flower Box. After you get the Flower Box, every fifth time you get a Frog Coin.

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