Mark is a mysterious traveler who is found unconscious on the plains by Lyndis at the beginning of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. They are the first custom character to appear in the Fire Emblem series.

Mark was introduced to give the player an actual role in the game and help introduce players to Fire Emblem gameplay. This is particularly notable given that The Blazing Blade was the first Fire Emblem to be released internationally.


Mark was found on the wayside by Lyn and nursed back to health by her. Immediately the two are attacked by bandits and Lyn charges into battle with Mark guiding her through the fights. Impressed, Lyn asks Mark to accompany her on her journey to exact revenge on the bandits that slaughtered her tribe. During her travels, Lyn become acquainted with some knights of Caelin, learning of her heritage. Mark also meets a slew of knights as well as Eliwood and Hector. Mark continues to assist Lyn to quell the planned usurping of the throne by the power hungry Lundgren.

With the uprising quelled, Lyn is reunited with her maternal grandfather Hausen. Mark decides to leave on a journey alone, but Lyn is sure that they will meet again one day.

A year after Lyn's tale, Mark is recruited by Eliwood/Hector to help them during their stories. They are reunited with Lyn's allies and prove to be an valuable asset during the course of The Blazing Blade.

At the end of Eliwood or Hector's stories, they are summoned by the featured Lord to attend their coronations as Marquess of Pherae and Ostia respectively. Depending on which route is taken, the focused Lord speaks to Mark in private alongside their wife. Having formed a strong bond, Eliwood/Hector asks for Mark to be the godparent of their future child and requests a name for them. For Eliwood, Mark gives him the name Roy for his son. For Hector, Mark gives him the name Lilina for his daughter. After their coronations, Mark leaves again once more on a journey, disappearing completely with no one seeing them afterwards.

Historians for many years would analyze Mark's tactics during their journey. Depending on their rank, they are remembered differently. At the lowest rank, the puzzling strategies of Mark are so incomprehensible, few are even sure how they ever could have lead to success. At better ranks, many nations, namely Bern, Lycia, and Etruria, spent years in search for Mark to use their brilliant tactics. At the highest rank, historians have stated that their flawless tactics influenced the very course of history. Bern and Etruria coveted their skill so much that the two nations would eventually go to war against each other. Regardless of the ending, Mark was never seen again and goes unmentioned in The Binding Blade.

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