Mario vs Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars is a game for the Wii U and 3DS which will be released in 2015. It will allow players to share puzzles on Miiverse. If the player buys the game for one system, they will get the game for the other system via a download code.


This is a puzzle game similar to the other Mario vs Donkey Kong games. The Minis are Mini Mario, Mini Luigi, Mini Toad, Mini Kong, Mini Pauline and Mini Peach. Each level the player complete rewards the player with stars, which can either used to reward players online with more stars or buy parts for making levels of their own. Tipping players will reward the player with stamps.


Each world has 8 levels


The game was revealed at GDC 2014 as a demo of how Nintendo Web Framework could be used. It was the only Nintendo-developed game brought to the conference. At the time, Nintendo claimed this was only a demo at the time though. Then then was shown off at e3 with a trailer and a demo. In January during a Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealed not only would this game to 3DS but every copy would be cross-buy so, if someone buys a Wii U version, they get a code for the 3DS version and vice-versa.


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