Mario is Missing is an educational Mario game. Nintendo was not involved in the development of the title. In this game, Luigi must save Mario from Bowser. It was the only solo adventure for Luigi until 2001 when Luigi's Mansion is released.


Bowser has given up on both Dinosaur Land and the Mushroom Kingdom, and is now plotting a takeover of the Real World (Earth). To do so, he has built a castle in Antarctica and is ordering the entire stock of hair dryers from Hafta Havit, a catalog department store. Bowser will activate all the hair dryers to melt the Antarctic ice sheet, causing the sea level to rise and flood Earth. To raise capital for such a plan, Bowser ordered his children to different continents to steal priceless artifacts. Mario attempted to infiltrate Bowser's castle, but Luigi was too scared. Mario was captured by Bowser, and now it is incumbent on Luigi to save his brother. To do this, he must travel to different geographic locations on Earth and gather clues.


This game has been pretty much universally panned by critics everywhere. Screwattack would have added the game to the Top Ten Worst Mario games, but the rules clearly stated that you had to be able to play as Mario, but since you play as Luigi, the game was not added.


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A sequel called Mario's Time Machine was released after this.


  • In the PC version of Mario is Missing!, the sprite of Luigi was later used for the Weegee internet meme.
  • The Mario, Luigi. and Yoshi sprites in the NES and SNES versions of Mario is Missing! were taken directly from Super Mario World.

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