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Mario Tennis Aces (NA)

North American box art.
Developer(s) Camelot
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch platform icon
Genre(s) Sports (Tennis)

03ESRB - E  01PEGI 3  01CERO A  01Australian Classification Board - G

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Mario Tennis Aces is a Mario Tennis game for the Nintendo Switch. This is the first game in the series to have a story mode since Mario Tennis: Power Tour.


The gameplay is generally the same as past entries with Simple rules stripping the extraneous rules. Matches are available up to 4 players and the game supports motion controls with a single joy-con. The game also has a story mode with many varied moves.

The main new mechanic is the energy meter. Players can use their generated energy meter to perform Zone Shots which are powerful shots the player can aim using motion controls. If the player hits the opposing player's racket straight on, it gets damaged and if it gets damaged 3 times, it will break and that player must forfeit the match. To counter this, the opposing player can use Zone Speed using up their own energy meter to slow down everything to hit the ball. if a player fills up their entire energy meter, they can spend it all to perform a special shot that can destroy the opposing player's racket in a single shot. The only way to avoid breaking the rackets is to use the Block move which is a perfectly timed swing that reflects the shot to the other side with no damage. To fill up the energy meter, the player can perform risky Tricky Shots though it will generate with long rallies.

Adventure Mode

In this story mode, the player moves on a map and must face various challenges on their journey in a stage based format a la New Super Mario Bros.. Luigi has awakened evil Tennis deity called Lucien and it corrupts him and the evil characters. Mario must save Luigi with tennis against various bosses. After defeating each main boss, he collects a Power Stone. Mario can also collect different rackets over the course of the journey with different attributes and improve his stats. If all the rackets break, the player receives a game over.


The game features multiplayer with random players friends as well as online tournaments. Participating in online tournament can earn special outfits and characters. These tournaments run every month.


The game includes more than 15 playable characters. They are spilt into 6 different classes. Characters in bold can be unlocked through online tournaments during a certain month. If players don't unlock them in time, the character will be free for everyone on the 1st on the following month.

Mario Luigi Daisy
Peach Toadette Paratroopa
Shy Guy Luma
Toad Yoshi Koopa Troopa
Diddy Kong Pauline
Rosalina Boo Blooper
Dry Bones
Waluigi Bowser Jr. Boom Boom
Wario Bowser Donkey Kong
Spike Chain Chomp Petey Piranha


All stages must be unlocked through Adventure mode apart from Marina Stadium.

Marina Stadium (Clay) Marina Stadium (Grass) Marina Stadium (Hard)
Marina Stadium (Night) Bask Ruins Piranha Plant Forest
Snowfall Mountain Mirage Mansion Savage Sea
Inferno Island



The game sold 1.38 million copies by the end of June 2018, meaning that it did that in less than 8 days, which is quite impressive. This earned it the place of tenth most successful 1st party Nintendo Switch game in that small timeframe. As of September 30 2018, Mario Tennis Aces climbed to the rank of sixth most successful Nintendo Switch game with 2.16 million units sold worldwide. As of December 2018, Mario Tennis Aces sold over 2.53 million copies, making it the ninth most successful Nintendo Switch game.