Mario Strikers is a series of soccer-based Mario spinoffs. The gameplay is notably more 'violent' than the other spinoffs with the characters tackling each other to steal the ball. All the games are developed by Next Level Games.

Series Elements

The games are based on soccer with most characters dribbling the ball with their feet, Certain characters like Bowser and Donkey Kong can hit the ball their hands. Each side is composed of 5 players including 1 captain and 1 goalkeeper. The field is similar to a normal soccer except surrounded by an electric fence that shocks players sent into it. Players can tackle any opposing player and can steal the ball, There are also items similar to Mario Kart that are earned with certain defensive plays. The goal is to score the most goals. While normal goals are each worth one point each, the captains can perform a special strike that scores multiple goals when it succeeds. Unlike most of the Mario spinoffs, the cast is decorated in a sort of armor.