Mario Party DS (JP) (also called MPDS) is the fourteenth installment in the Mario Party series, the third for handheld consoles (with the others including Mario Party-e and Mario Party Advance, both being released on the Game Boy Advance handheld console), and the only one for the Nintendo DS. It is the last Mario Party game to be developed by Hudson Soft.

The game is heavily based on the multiplayer aspect, and some consider the game boring if played alone. Players are allowed to choose a character from the Mario roster, though being on a handheld console the amount of playable characters is limited. Mario Party DS was re-released for the Wii U through the Virtual Console on April 21, 2016 in North America and Europe, April 22, 2016 in Australia, and April 27, 2016 in Japan.


One night in the Mushroom Kingdom five Sky Crystals rained down in a meteor shower. One happened to land next to Mario and he kept it. The next day Mario tells Peach, Yoshi, Toad, Luigi, Wario, Daisy, and Waluigi of these crystals. Suddenly Kamek flies overhead and gives everyone an invitation from Bowser saying he is inviting everyone to a big feast at his castle as an apology for his evil schemes. Off in the jungle, Donkey and Diddy Kong also get their hands on this invitation and go off to Bowser's Castle in search of the promised feast. Upon entering the castle, Mario and his friends get locked into a cage by Bowser and Bowser Jr. who both demand the five sky crystals. When the gang refuses, Bowser, using his Minimizer, shrinks down the gang, takes the crystal, and orders Kamek to take them far away.

They all then end up in front of Wiggler's Garden and they help Wiggler with its Piranha Plant problem. Wiggler presents them with a Sky Crystal. They decide to journey to the castle, but are stopped at Toadette's Music Room, DK's Stone Statue, and Kamek's Library, to help Toadette with her Hammer Bro. problem, free Donkey Kong from Dry Bones's magic, and free Koopa Krag from Kamek's Magic Book. Each time they are rewarded with a crystal and get one step closer to their goal.

Finally they all arrive at the castle, but Bowser throws Mario and friends into his pinball machine. After a while in the machine, Donkey and Diddy Kong run in, in search of their feast, and they break the Minimizer. Suddenly, Mario and Co. grow to full size. Frustrated, Bowser pulls out his secret weapon, the Megamorph Belt. Bowser then becomes Blockhead Bowser and a member of the group fights him. After the battle with Bowser is over, the sky crystals form a crystal in the shape of a Nintendo DS. Mario and his friends forgive Bowser and they play Triangle Twisters together, signalling the end. Meanwhile, the Kongs happily eat the entire feast themselves.


Mario Party DS has 8 playable characters and 5 board hosts, with a boss for each board. Other characters with little to no role are also present.


  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Princess Peach
  • Princess Daisy
  • Toad
  • Wario
  • Waluigi
  • Yoshi


  • Piranha Plant (First boss)
  • Hammer Bro. (Second boss)
  • Dry Bones (Third boss)
  • Kamek (Fourth boss)
  • Bowser (Fifth boss)

Board Hosts

  • Wiggler - Wiggler's Garden
  • Toadette - Toadette's Music Room
  • Donkey Kong/Diddy Kong - DK's Stone Statue
  • Kamek - Kamek's Library
  • Bowser - Bowser's Pinball Machine



  • Puzzle Mode
  • Minigame Mode
  • Party Mode
  • Story Mode
  • Awards


Four player

1 Vs. 3 Mini-games

  • Shuffleboard Showdown
  • Rotisserie Rampage
  • Fast Food Frenzy
  • Plush Crush
  • Penny Pinchers
  • Peek a Boo]]
  • Power Washer
  • Track Star
  • Flash and Dash
  • Rubber Ducky Rodeo
  • Nothing to Luge
  • Gusty Blizzard

2 Vs. 2 Mini-games

  • Soil Toil
  • Double Vision
  • Memory Mash
  • Cube Crushers
  • Mole Thrill
  • Sprinkler Scalers
  • Cucumberjacks
  • Hanger Management
  • Book It!
  • Airbrushers
  • Toppling Terror
  • Crazy Crosshairs
  • Shorty Scorers

Battle Mini-games

  • Short Fuse
  • Cheep Chump
  • Star Catchers
  • Globe Gunners
  • Chips and Dips

Boss Mini-games

  • Feed and Seed
  • Hammer Chime
  • Hexoskeleton
  • Book Bash
  • Bowser's Block Party

Puzzle games

  • Mario's Puzzle Party
  • Bob-omb Breakers
  • Piece Out
  • Block Star
  • Stick and Spin
  • Frenzy Mode
  • Focus Mode

List of stuff and collectibles

  1. Mario: That round nose and bushy 'stache could only belong to everyone's favorite hero. He's ready to help Peach out of pinch anytime.
  2. Luigi: He may be afraid of ghosts, he has hidden strengths that rival his brother Mario's. He's an all-around great guy and Mario's best pal.
  3. Wario: That yellow shirt and purple overalls could only be worn by one guy, and that's Wario. Hold on to your cash and your garlic. He loves both.
  4. Yoshi: He's everyone's favorite dino. He may be adorable, but he can gulp an enemy whole. And he came all the way from his island to party.
  5. Peach: Peach is a world-class princess. She's classy, kind, and beautiful. And she never misses a party, especially if she knows Mario and friends there.
  6. Daisy: Daisy is bright and cheerful in her unique way, and her fans adore her for it. She always make party more than lively.
  7. Waluigi: This sly guy cuts a cool figure in his purple getup. And his dastardly cunning shows no equal. At least, that's what Waluigi tells himself.
  8. Toad: He's hard-working Toad in the business. That's why Peach has come to rely on him so. He's go the can-do attitude that never says no.

Mini-game Music

Music Plays in
4-player 1 vs. 3 2 vs. 2 Battle
The Pressure's On All Geared Up
Big Blowout
Boo Tag
Camera Shy
Crater Crawl
Cyber Scamper
Hedge Honcho
Gusty Blizzard
Cube Crushers Cheep Chump
Short Fuse
Play Nicely, Everyone Call of the Goomba
Roller Coasters
Tidal Fools
Trash Landing
Plush Crush Double Vision
Sprinkler Scalers
Chips and Dips
Into the Fairy Tale Cheep Cheep Chance
Shortcut Circuit
Soap Surfers
Sweet Sleuth
Penny Pinchers Book It
Shorty Scorers
Star Catchers
Get Into It Domino Effect
Get the Lead Out
Hot Shots
Soccer Survival
Study Fall
Flash and Dash Airbrushers
Contemplation Dress for Success
Trace Cadets
Bouncing Around Dust Buddies Rotisserie Rampage
Rubber Ducky Rodeo
Crazy Crosshairs
Mole Thrill
Toppling Terror
Globe Gunners
Another Crazy Match Goomba Wrangler Fast Food Frenzy
Power Washer
Shuffleboard Showdown
Track Star
Memory Mash None
Fresh as Mint Parachutin' Gallery
Raft Riot
Rail Riders
Nothing to Luge Hanger Management None
They're Neck and Neck Pedal Pushers
Twist and Route
None Soil Toil None


The game received a moderately good reception from the critics,receiving a 72 on Metacritic, 72.17% on GameRankings and a 33 (9, 9, 8, 7) out of 40 from Famitsu. The game had rather strong sales in its first week in Japan, selling 234,708 copies in its first week. As of July 9, 2008, the game has sold 1,730,191 copies in Japan, according to Famitsu. It is the 18th best-selling game of 2008 in Japan. As of March 31, 2011, Nintendo has sold 8.21 million copies of the game worldwide. According to Famitsu, 2,112,000 of these sales came from Japan.


Mario Party DS features a wide variety of collectible items. These range between figurines of the many characters in the game, features of the five boards played on in the game, trophies related to the bosses defeated in the game and various badges one of which the player being allowed to equip. There are 30, 71, 25, and 30 of these respectively, each particular collectible with a different requirement to unlock.



  • This is the first Mario Party since Mario Party 4 to not have any Donkey Kong Spaces.
  • This is the second Mario Party without Koopa Kid (also known as Mini Bowser) at the Bowser spaces; the first was Mario Party 8.
  • This is also the first Mario Party game to not feature Toadette as a playable character.
  • The North American manual has a mistake on Page 27. It states that during a 2 Player game (the player vs a CPU opponent or another player) in Free Play, only Battle or Boss minigames can be chosen. In reality, during a 2 Player match in Free Play, only Duel and Boss minigames can be chosen. This was fixed in the European manual.
  • Two minigames, Shuffleboard Showdown and Chips and Dips, were removed in the Korean release, likely because of the gambling themes presented in both of the minigames.
  • Most of them are currently supporting. However, Birdo and Blooper never appeared in the game, but of them as references; the Birdo Egg in Memory Mash, and Blooper's name mentioned in the description of the item Kamek's Inkwell.
  • This is the only Mario Party game in which there are no Bonus Stars given out in the Story Mode.
  • This is the first and currently only Mario Party game not to have a visible host.
  • If a CPU has a Space Swap Hex or a Warp Dice Block, they'll never use it.
  • This was the last Mario Party entry to be created under Hudson Soft's administration as the game's develeoper, who was succeeded by Nd Cube in 2012.

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