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[[List of Mario Party Advance minigames]]
*Chomp Walker
*Cloud Climb
*Barrel Peril
*Big Popper
*Forest Jump
*Switch Way?
*Spooky Spike
*Real Cheep
*Shell Stack
*Bill Bounce
*Bunny Belt
*Pest Aside
*Melon Folley
*Sort Stack
*On the Spot
*Koopa Krunch
*Floor It!
*Stompbot XL
*Go-Go Pogo!
*Sled Slide
*Flippin' Out
*See Monkey?
*Outta My Way!
*Broom Zoom
*Stair Scare
*Koopa Kurl
*Mush Rush
*Crushed Ice
*Trap Floor
*Koopa Kappa
*Match 'em
*Watch 'em
*Drop 'em
*Stop 'em
*Pair 'em
{{Mario Party}}
{{Mario Party}}

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Mario Party Advance is the 7th game in the Mario Party Series. It features 50 mini-games, and plenty of extras such as gadgets, board games, multi-player mode, and many more. This is the first game, other than Mario Party -e that was released on the e-Reader.




List of Mario Party Advance minigames

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