Mario Party 9 is a Wii video game by Nintendo. It is the ninth Mario Party game in the series. It is also the second released for the Wii, coming after Mario Party 8. It is the final Mario release on the Wii.


Playable Default


  • Shy Guy (newcomer)
  • Kamek (Magikoopa in American editions) (newcomer)


  • Diddy and Donkey kong are not bosses, but their Minigames count as boss minigames.

Non Playable


Name Description Captain Event Image
Toad Road First stage. It is very simple, only a few gimmicks. Features grasses and trees, and as well as windmills. 9 Island
Bob-omb Factory Second stage. Slightly harder than first one. It is full of pale green conveyor belts. The owner of this factory is Bob-omb, hence the name. Side-by-side Zone
Boo's Horror Castle Third stage. This takes place in very scary castle floating on a sea. Boos will stop people and anyone caught by ghost will lose half their Mini Stars. For example, if Mario has 10 Mini Stars, then he'll only have five. Scaredy Rat Race
Blooper Beach Fourth stage. This takes place in the beach. Players travel on ocean to reach the goal. Huckit Crabs turn all of Mini Stars into Ztars if someone lands on green space. Sunken Treasure
Magma Mine Fifth stage. This takes place in hot, hot volcano. Touching lava will cause players to lose half their Mini Stars. The goal is to escape volcano's vent. Dice Block Chicken
Bowser Station Sixth stage. Bowser Jr. is the mid-boss while his father, Bowser is the main boss of the stage. Jackpot will increase your character's Mini Stars. Strangely, it has no hazards. Heart Star Colony, Bingo Colony & Speed Star Colony
DK's Jungle Ruins This is the last stage. It can be unlocked by getting 500 party points in Museum. Bananas act a substitute for Mini-Stars while Z-Bananas act as a replacement for Ztars. Barrel Choice


Free-for-All Minigames

Note: Mini-games are listed in alphabetical order. The # means it's actual number.

Number (Alphabetically) Name Pun Number (Actual)
1 10 to Win N/A 18
2 Ballistic Beach N/A 28
3 Billistics Ballistics 37
4 Bomb Barge Bombard 31
5 Buddy Bounce N/A 1
6 Bumper Bubbles Bumper Cars 29
7 Card Smarts Card Sharks 20
8 Chain Event Main Event 8
9 Don't Look N/A 32
10 Flinger Painting Finger Painting 30
11 Fungi Frenzy N/A 44
12 Goomba Bowling N/A 23
13 Goomba Spotting N/A 41
14 Goomba Village N/A 5
15 Growing Up Going Up and Growing Up 13
16 Jigsaw Jumble Jigsaw Puzzle 12
17 Launch Break Lunch Break 4
18 Logger Heads Loggerheads 2
19 Magma Mayhem N/A 42
20 Manor of Escape Manner of Escape 26
21 Mecha Choice Meta Choice and Make-a-Choice 11
22 Peak Precision N/A 17
23 Pianta Pool N/A 7
24 Pier Pressure Peer Pressure 36
25 Pinball Fall N/A 3
26 Piranha Patch N/A 34
27 Pit or Platter Pitter-plater 38
28 Pizza Me, Mario It's a me, Mario! 43
29 Player Conveyor N/A 27
30 Plunder Ground Plunder and Underground 35
31 Polar Extreme The Polar Express 22
32 Ring Leader Ring Leader 15
33 Skipping Class Skipping Class 10
34 Skyjinks Sky and Hijinx 9
35 Smash Compactor Trash Compactor 16
36 Snow Go No go 33
37 Speeding Bullets N/A 6
38 Thwomper Room Romper Room 39
39 Toad and Go Seek Hide and go seek 21
40 Tuber Tug N/A 19
41 Tumble Temple N/A 24
42 Twist Ending Twist Ending 25
43 Upward Mobility Downward Mobility 14
44 Urn It Earn It 40

1 vs. Rivals Minigames

Number (Alphabetically) Name Pun Number (Actual)
45 Block and Roll Rock 'n' Roll 48
46 Hazard Hold N/A 46
47 Hole Hogs N/A 52
48 Line in the Sand Line in the Sand 47
49 Mob Sleds Bobsleds 54
50 Pix Fix N/A 53
51 Ruins Rumble N/A 45
52 Spike-n-Span Spick and Span 51
53 Tackle Takedown N/A 49
54 Weird Wheels N/A 50

Bowser Jr. Minigames

Number (Alphabetically) Name Pun Number (Actual)
55 Bowser Pop N/A 56
56 Bumper Sparks N/A 61
57 Cage Match Cage Match 59
58 Crossfire Caverns N/A 60
59 Double Pounder N/A 57
60 Mecha March N/A 55
61 Pair of Aces N/A 63
62 Pedal to the Paddle Pedal to the Metal 64
63 Sand Trap Sand Trap 62
64 Zoom Room N/A 58

Boss Battle Minigames

Number (Alphabetically) Name Number (Actual)
65 Blooper Barrage 75
66 Bombard King Bob-omb 73
67 Bowser Jr. Breakdown 70
68 Bowser's Block Battle 77
69 Chain Chomp Romp 76
70 Cheep Cheep Shot 68
71 Deck Dry Bones 67
72 Diddy's Banana Blast 71
73 DK's Banana Bonus 78
74 King Boo's Puzzle Attack 74
75 Sock It to Lakitu 65
76 Spike Strike 69
77 Whomp Stomp 66
78 Wiggler Bounce 72

Extra Minigames

Number (Alphabetically) Name Number (Actual)
79 Castle Clearout 79
80 Goomba Bowling 81
81 Perspective Mode 82
82 Shell Soccer 80

Minigame Music

Note: Goomba Bowling (both versions) and Don't Look lack mini-game music.

Name Plays in:
Jump-Jump-Jumping! Skyjinks, Upward Mobility
Hit the Field Skipping Class, Bomb Barge, Tackle Takedown
Pandemonium Flinger Painting, Fungi Frenzy, Hazard Hold
How Strange! Chain Event, Thwomper Room, Weird Wheels
Fluff Buddy Bounce, Bumper Bubbles
Hoopla Tuber Tug, Piranha Patch
Fun Times Pinball Fall, Goomba Village, Toad and Go Seek, Pit or Platter
Hurry Up! Tumble Temple, Magma Mayhem, Block and Roll
Watch Out! Billistics, Ruins Rumble
Freshen Up! Speeding Bullets
Think About It Jigsaw Jumble, Card Smarts, Goomba Spotting, Pix Fix
What's This? Twist Ending, Urn It
You're Not Getting Away! Mecha March
Go Crazy! Launch Break, Peak Precision
Be Careful! 10 to Win, Player Conveyor, Ballistic Beach
Island Activities Pianta Pool, Ring Leader, Pier Pressure, Line in the Sand
Don't Freeze! Polar Extreme, Snow Go, Mob Sleds
Which Is It? Plunder Ground, Hole Hogs
Can You Do It? Logger Heads, Growing Up, Pizza Me Mario
Run! Smash Compactor
Heart-Pounding Thrills Mecha Choice, Manor of Escape, Spike-n-Span
Super-Duper Mario Bros. Castle Clearout, Shell Soccer
Bowser Jr. Battle 1 Zoom Room, Cage Match
Bowser Jr. Battle 2 Bowser Pop, Double Pounder
Bowser Jr. Battle 3 Pedal to the Paddle
Bowser Jr. Battle 4 Crossfire Caverns, Bumper Sparks, Pair of Aces
Bowser Jr. Battle 5 Sand Trap
Tough Enemy Sock It to Lakitu, Whomp Stomp, Deck Dry Bones, Cheep Cheep Shot, Spike Strike
Now You've Done It! Sock It to Lakitu, Whomp Stomp, Deck Dry Bones, Cheep Cheep Shot, Spike Strike
Battle with Wiggler Wiggler Bounce
Wiggler's Mad! Wiggler Bounce
Battle with King Bob-omb Bombard King Bob-omb
King Bob-omb's Mad! Bombard King Bob-omb
Battle with King Boo King Boo's Puzzle Attack
King Boo's Mad! King Boo's Puzzle Attack
Battle with Blooper Blooper Barrage
Blooper's Mad! Blooper Barrage
Battle with Chain Chomp Chain Chomp Romp
Chain Chomp's Mad! Chain Chomp Romp
Battle with Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. Breakdown
Bowser Jr.'s Mad! Bowser Jr. Breakdown
Battle with Bowser Bowser's Block Battle
Bowser's Mad! Bowser's Block Battle
So Many Bananas! Diddy's Banana Blast
Even More Bananas! DK's Banana Bonus

Note: There are 82 minigames, more minigames than others except Mario Party 7.


There are twenty one spaces in the game. They are:



The game received decently by critics. Famitsu gave this game 34 (9, 8, 8, 9) out of 40. It received a 77 on Metacritic and a 78.12% on GameRankings. Most critics praised the multiplayer games, control style and graphically improvements but criticized the linearity of the boards and the luck based challenges. 

As for sales, Mario Party 9 sold 152,883 copies in its first week in Japan. In America, the game sold 230,000 copies in its first month according to the NPD. Mario Party 9 sold 2.24 million as of September 31st, 2012.


  • This is the last Mario Party game until Mario Party: The Top 100 where Donkey Kong is a non-playable character.
  • This is also the second and final Mario Party game to be released on the Wii. The next game would be released on the Wii U.
  • Some of the playable characters' voice clips were recycled from Mario Kart DS, Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7.


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