Mario Party 8 (マリオパーティJP) is the tenth game in the series (eleventh in Japan) and the first to be released on the Wii.

Playable Characters

Game Modes

Party Tent

Party tent

The party tent from Mario Party 8.

This Tent is the mode to party on the boards. After completing a match in this mode, you can get cards to buy items from the Fun Bazaar.

Star Battle Arena

In this single-player mode, you battle across all the stages competing against other players to win a lifetime supply of candy. When you do the stage, Bowser's Warped Orbit, you battle against one of the characters that are locked and once you beat them, they are unlocked. Finishing this mode gives you 200 Cards.

Minigame Tent

You can play any of the minigames you have unlocked in the party boards here. You can choose the Free Play Arcade or other games to play the minigames you unlocked, Tic-Tac Drop for example.

Extras Zone

The extras zone is where you can play minigames that you can't usually play during Mario Party 8. To unlock these minigames you have to buy them in the Fun Bazaar. Each minigame is worth 50 carnival cards. Here in the Extras zone you can play as your Mii or as one of the Mario Characters.

Fun Bazaar

Fun bazaar

This is the fun bazaar in Mario Party 8.

The Fun Bazaar is the tall dark green building on the map of Mario Party 8. Before you go in you have to select a character to be (any Mario character). In the Fun Bazaar you go to the Shop, the Sound machine, The figures parade, the minigame Store, and the credits board. In the shop you can buy minigames, sounds, figures that move, and lots of other things.


Note: There are 73 minigames, more minigames than others until its successor is released in 1 March 2012. You can also see it in List of Mario Party 8 minigames.


Mini-game Music

Music Plays in
4-player 1 vs. 3 2 vs. 2 Duel Battle Extra
It's a Dead Heat Alpine Assault
None Lean, Mean Ravine Cosmic Slalom None Canyon Cruisers
Moped Mayhem
Happy-Go-Lucky At the Chomp Wash
Crank to Rank
Speedy Graffiti
Chump Rope Rowed to Victory Blazing Lassos
Breakneck Building
Challenge Flip the Chimp
Shake It Up
Sick and Twisted
Swing Kings
None Aim of the Game
Flip the Chimp
Settle It in Court
Shake It Up
Swing Kings
Aim of the Game
Snipe for the Picking
Chomping Frenzy
Flagging Rights
Puzzle Pillars
Star Carnival Bowling
Trial By Tile
Friendly Competition In the Nick of Time
Rudder Madness
Grabbin' Gold
Picture Perfect
Paint Misbehavin'
Sugar Rush
Balancing Act
Loco Motives
Paint Misbehavin'
Sugar Rush
Proceed Without Fear Lava or Leave 'Em Power Trip
Swervin' Skies
King of the Thrill Lava Lobbers
Pumper Cars
Feelin' Cyber Mario Matrix None Ion the Prize
Saucer Swarm
Saucer Swarm None
Everyone's Runnin' Mosh-Pit Playroom Bob-ombs Away Grabby Gridiron None
All Messed Up Punch-a-Bunch
Water Ski Spree
Thrash 'n' Crash Winner or Dinner Frozen Assets Glacial Meltdown None
It's On Now Scooter Pursuit None Attention Grabber
Rotation Station
Surf's Way Up
Wing and a Scare
You're the Bob-omb
Cut from the Team Table Menace
An Unexpected Surprise Treacherous Tightrope None Boo-ting Gallery Specter Inspector None
Chase and Overtake None Gun the Runner
Snow Way Out
Bumper Balloons
Crops 'n' Robbers
Bumper Balloons
Lob to Rob


The original release for the game in the United Kingdom was June 22, 2007 and then pushed back a little later into July 13, 2007. However, this game was recalled before its newer release in the United Kingdom. Nintendo states that it was because of an assembly error, but some people report that it was recalled because it contained the word "spastic" which is considered a highly offensive word in the United Kingdom. The same thing happened to another game called Mind Quiz: Your Brain Coach one month before for the same reason. This game was finally released on August 3, 2007 in the United Kingdom, replacing "spastic" with "erratic" instead.


  • The guy with the hat who is the host for all events' name is MC Ballyhoo.
  • This is the first Mario Party game and first Mario game overall where Samantha Kelly voices Princess Peach.
  • This is also the first Mario Party game to feature new voice clips for Donkey Kong, Bowser and Boo.
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