Mario Party 7 is a multiplayer game for the Nintendo Gamecube and is also the last Mario Party game to be released on the console. It takes place when Mario and co. are relaxing on vacation, to celebrate Mario's heroic work, when Bowser tries to ruin the party. The rest of the game focuses on beating Bowser, playing against a friend or CPU and mini-games. It features new modes, characters, mini-games, and a new event called Bowser Time. One of the new features of the game is an eight player mode, where two people share one controller each.



Plot & story

A elderly Mushroom Kingdom man called Toadsworth has invited Mario and friends to his cruiser. In fact, he invited not only humans or friendly peoples, but also Wario/Waluigi, Boo and Dry Bones. But Bowser was very livid and wanted to stop the cruiser. He insulted everyone and wanted to stop them from wrecking his plans. When the cruiser found its destination, Bowser turned a vacation paradise into a bad, stress-filled madhouse. To stop evil Bowser from ruining the party, heroes and Bowser's friendly minions went to find stars and collect them. Anyone who got the most star wins.

TOADSWORTH: Oh, I say! Hello there! It's me, Toadsworth! Yes, yes, let me tell you about what happen recently. You see, Mario and his friends are always busy fighting evil and saving the world and so forth, so I offered him a chance to come on a cruise around the world! Oh ho! Splendid! But, in doing so, I apparently made that rogue Bowser somewhat angry. Let me tell you what he said...

BOWSER: This makes me so MAAAAD!! GRRRAAAA!! They're going on a vacation...AND NOT TAKING ME! They want a fun vacation? I'll give them a fun vacation! And by that, I mean NO FUN AT ALL! I find those chumps and wreck their good times! Bwa ha ha ha!

TOADSWORTH: Great Kippers! That King Koopa has never being angry! Who knows what he'll do? But chin up, old bean! We won't let him ruin our times, right? Right!




Note: There are 30 item orbs in this game, more orbs than any other games.


4-Player Mini-games

1 - Vs. - 3 Mini-games

2 - Vs. - 2 Mini-games

Battle Mini-games

Duel Mini-games

8 - Player Mini-games

DK Mini-games

Bowser Mini-games

Rare Mini-games

Note: There are 88 mini-games, more mini-games than others. It has 6 more mini-games than Mario Party 9, which only have 82 mini-games. (m) Mic Mini-game.


  • This is the last Mario Party game to feature Donkey Kong's sound effects and Bowser's sound effects which were first used in the first Mario Party game and the last Mario game to feature Boo's classic sound effects which were first used in Super Mario 64.
  • This is very last Mario game to feature Donkey Kong's sound effects from the N64 games which were first used in Mario Kart 64.
  • This is also the last Mario Party game where Jen Taylor voices Princess Peach. For Mario Party 8 onward, she is replaced by Samantha Kelly for the voice of Princess Peach.
  • This is also the final appearance of Koopa Kid.
  • The playable characters' voice clips were recycled from Mario Party 6.
  • This is the fourth and final Mario Party game to be released on the Nintendo GameCube. The next game would be released on the Wii.
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