Mario Party 6 is a game for the Nintendo GameCube. It features new characters, and new game modes as well. One of the new features is the ability to use a microphone for certain mini-games. Another feature is the Day and Night mode, where during the game, it will turn into day and night, this will make different events to happen during the game.


In this game, two unplayable characters are the sun and the moon (named Brighton and Twila respectively). The main plot in this game is that they are quarreling so, Mario strikes up a plan to collect all the Stars to appease them



Game Modes

  • Solo Mode
  • Party Mode
  • Minigame Mode
  • Star Bank
  • Miracle Book
  • Microphone Mode
  • Options


Solo Boards

Party Boards


This game has 82 minigames.

Mini-game Music

Music Plays in
4-player 1 vs. 3 2 vs. 2 Mic Rare
Doom and Gloom Blooper Scooper
Granite Getaway
Surge and Destroy Burnstile None
Frantic Cannonball Fun
Daft Rafts
Pokey Punch-out
What Goes Up (Night)
Snow Brawl None
Jazzy Catch You Letter
Note to Self
What Goes Up (Day)
Crate and Peril
Dust 'Til Dawn
Mole-it Fruit Talktail
Shoot Yer Mouth Off
Talkie Walkie
Word Herd
Pumped Up Circuit Maximus
Tricky Tires
Slow and Steady Freeze Frame
Memory Lane
Money Belt
Odd Card Out
Same is Lame
Trap Ease Artist
None Body Builder
Pixel Perfect
Slot Trot
None Block Star
Amusing Lift Leapers None Jump the Gun None
Blissful Mowtown
Treasure Trawlers
Sink or Swim Cashapult
Clean Team
Relaxed Snow Whirled Cash Flow Gondola Glide
Rocky Road
Laid-Back Sunday Drivers
Throw Me a Bone
Ball Dozers Garden Grab
Light Breeze
Tenacious None Conveyor Bolt
Ray of Fright
None Verbal Assault None
Upbeat None Pop Star
Stage Fright

Duel Mini-game Music

  • Duelling for Prizes: Asteroad Rage, Black Hole Boogie, Lunar-tics, Mass Meteor, T Minus Five
  • Night Duel: Boo'd Off the Stage, Boonanza, Light Up My Night, Something's Amist, Trick or Tree
  • Time to Duel: Cog Jog, Full Tilt, O-Zone, Pitifall, Sumo of Doom-o



  • The game has a number of secrets on the main screen if you say certain things in the microphone.
  • This is the first Mario Party game where Deanna Mustard voices Princess Daisy.
  • This is the last Mario Party game where Koopa Kid appears as a playable character.
  • This is the first Mario Party game to feature new voice clips for the playable characters replacing the old voice clips from Mario Party 3 up to Mario Party 5.
  • This is the last Mario Party game to feature Thwomp's design from Super Mario 64.
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