Mario Party 2 is the second game in the popular Mario Party series. It's not too different from the original, though does have some new features. Some of the new features include different costumes for each character on each stage, buildings where you are allowed to buy items or pay coins, new spaces, and others.

The slogan for the game was "Get the place jumping!"



The gameplay of all Mario Party games have generally stayed the same in every game other than the handheld titles, which have had probably the most dramatic update for the series.

Your objective is to go across your selected (or randomly chosen) board by rolling a dice and moving that many spaces. Once all 4 players have taken a turn, a mini-game will start, which is where you are able to collect tons of coins and extras.

The game also is the first in the series to use items, which in all there are 10.


The six boards are: Pirate Land, Horror Land, Western Land, Mystery Land, Space Land, and Bowser Land; with the last being unlockable. The main goal is to defeat Bowser in each board and retake control of the amusement park in which the game takes place.

Mini-Game Music

Music Plays in
4-player 1 vs. 3 2 vs. 2 Battle Rare
Couldn't Be Better Bumper Balls
Abandon Ship
Bombs Away
Lights Out None Grab Bag None
Know What I Mean? Roll Call
Honeycomb Havoc
Keepin' on the Path Tile Driver
Totem Pole Pound
Shock, Drop or Roll
Bob-omb Barrage
Speed Hockey
Magnet Carta
Face Lift None
The Blue Skies Yonder Slot Car Derby
None Handcar Havoc Day at the Races None
Spinning Polka Toad in the Box
Tipsy Tourney
Dizzy Dancing
None Looney Lumberjacks Rakin' 'Em In None
Going for the Coins Shell Shocked
Hexagon Heat
Bowl Over None Hot Bob-omb None
No Fright, No Fear Hot Rope Jump
Sneak 'n' Snore
None Dungeon Dash None
Don't Look Back Skateboard Scamper
Lava Tile Isle
Going Somewhere Platform Peril None Bobsled Run
Sky Pilots
Walking Underwater Deep Sea Salvage Rainbow Run Torpedo Targets None
That's All of It Shy Guy Says Archer-ival None Bowser's Big Blast None
This Way That None Crane Game
Quicksand Cache
Filet Relay
Destruction Duet None
Let's Have Some Fun None Cake Factory Crazy Cutters None
Not Gonna Lose None Balloon Burst Bumper Balloon Cars Driver's Ed


  • This is the only Mario Party game where the playable characters wear a different outfit depending on the theme of the board.
  • This is the last Mario Party game to feature Luigi, Peach, Wario and Toad's voice clips from the Japanese version of Mario Kart 64.
  • The character mugshots of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Wario and Donkey Kong were later reused in the next game, Mario Party 3.


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