Mario Party: Island Tour is a party game for the Nintendo 3DS. It is the thirteenth game (seventeenth in Japan) in the main Mario Party series and the third installment for a handheld console. It was released on November 22, 2013, in North America, on January 17, 2014, in Europe, and on January 18, 2014, in Australia. The game also released in Japan on March 20, 2014.



This Mario Party plays most similarly to Mario Party 9, with the boards being a mostly linear paths. However, unlike 9, you travel on your own instead of all the players in a car. There are no coins and regular dice rolls are 1-6. Minigames are only played when landing on certain spaces and earn different rewards based on which board.  Every board seems to have a general gimmick in terms of changing gameplay.


Perilous Palace Path- the most basic board to play. The basic objective is to be the first one to the end.

Rocket Road- a fast paced board. Collect more boosters to multiply your dice rolls

Shy Guy's Shuffle City- Get to the end and draw the Champion card to win. Avoid the Bowser Card or face a Bowser penalty. Cards act as the amount of spaces to move.

Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain- a high risk board. The die is replaced with one with a Bullet bill on one side. Getting it will triggering the Banzai Bill, sending all players in its path back to start. Hiding in the inlets with keep you safe but will cost you an extra space to get farther

Star-Crossed Skyway-A bit more traditional Mario Party board. The goal is to collect the most Mini Stars egardless of how fast you complete the board

Kamek's Carpet Ride-similar to Shuffle City in that it uses cards.This time the cardsare used as movement to land on the Just-Right spaces. Land on the final space to win.

Bowser's Peculiar Peak- similar to Palace path except the first one to the end loses. Losing minigames punishes you with larger rolls the worse place you got.


Main Article: List of Mario Party: Island Tour minigames There are 81 minigames in total. 69 General ones, 6 Boss ones, 3 Puzzle minigames and 3 Extra minigames.

Streetpass Minigames

Bowser's Tower

The game's solo mode. Consists of 30 floors. Beating each floor requires beating a set of computer players in 1 or 2 minigames with every 5th floor being a boss battle. Completing this mode will unlock Bowser Jr.


Using Mario Party Points earned from playing the game, purchase bubbles. Bubbles can contain stuff like voice clips and music tracks.


The game received mixed reviews, receiving a 57 on Metacritic and 58.59% on GameRankings. Famitsu rated the game 32 (8/8/8/8) out of 40.

Despite the mixed rating, this has done reasonably well in sales selling over 200 thousand in its first month in America and landing in the top 20 of UK Charts when it launched. In Japan, the game sold 132,668 in launch week according to Media Create. The game sold 1.14 million worldwide by the end of March 2014. It sold 320 thousand in Japan by the end of March, 2014. In France, the game sold 70 thousand by mid May.

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