Mario Party is a game that was released on the Nintendo 64, and is the first game in the "party" genre. In the game, players go across a board filled with themes and events. Once all the players have moved, a mini game will start, and whomever wins will get a certain amount of coins. The goal of the game is to get the most stars, which can be bought with coins.

The minigames are the highlight of the game. The game has 50 minigames. Each minigame can be found here.



There are plenty of boards on the game. Six of the eight boards are based on the playable characters in the games.

  • Mario's Rainbow Castle - This is set way up in the clouds. There are ? mark spaces that, when pressed, will switch the Star granting Toad with Bowser, and vice-versa.
  • Yoshi's Tropical Island - An island owned by Yoshi. The object of the game board is to reunite the blue Yoshi with the pink Yoshi.
  • DK's Jungle Adventure - This course is owned by Donkey Kong. Obstacles include large rolling boulders that make the character about half way around the board to the other side, and Whomps.
  • Peach's Birthday Cake - A large cake with a lottery that has two faces on it - Bowser's and Toad's. If you get Bowser's, you have to go to Bowser, which isn't good. If you get Toad's, you go in the direction of the star.
  • Wario's Battle Canyon - A canyon owned by Wario with multiple cannons.
  • Luigi's Engine Room - A complicated maze type of level owned by Luigi.


These mini-games can also be played in Mini-Game Island.

4-player mini-games

1 vs. 3 mini-games

2 vs. 2 mini-games

Single-player mini-games

Mini-Game Music

Music Plays in
4-player 1 vs. 3 2 vs. 2 1-player
Ducking and Dodging Coin Block Blitz
Bumper Balls
Bombs Away
Box Mountain Mayhem
Grab Bag
Coin Block Bash
Bash 'n' Cash
Coins of the World Musical Mushroom (NTSC version)
Crazy Cutter
Buried Treasure
Tipsy Tourney
Hammer Drop
Coin Shower Flower
Crane Game
Move to the Mambo Musical Mushroom (PAL version)
Balloon Burst (PAL version)
Dodging Danger Skateboard Scamper Piranha's Pursuit None
The Wide, Wide Ocean Cast Aways
Shy Guy Says
Treasure Divers
None Deep Sea Divers None
Saving Courage Mushroom Mix-up Tightrope Treachery None
Taking Coins Hot Bob-omb Bowl Over None Slot Machine
Shell Game
Knock Block Tower
Let's Limbo Hot Rope Jump Paddle Battle
Tug o' War
Desert Dash Limbo Dance
Full of Danger Hot Rope Jump (Mini-Game Island)
Running of the Bulb
None Teetering Towers
The Room Underground Key-pa-Way Pipe Maze Bombsketball Whack-a-Plant
Can It be Done? Face Lift None Ground Pound
Faster than All Balloon Burst (NTSC version)
Slot Car Derby
None Handcar Havoc Bumper Ball Maze
Let's Go Lightly Platform Peril None Bobsled Run None
In the Mushroom Forest None Memory Match
Slowly, Slowly None Ghost Guess
Pedal Power


Certain actions in Mario Party caused injuries to the hand, such as blisters, to some players. Nintendo got sued because of this, and was later found guilty. Nintendo paid fines to the families, and also had to supply them with gloves, as not to cause more injuries. This is likely one reason Mario Party 2 was released to the Virtual Console but not the first game.


  • In the Japanese version of the game, Luigi and Wario say "Oh my God"[1] when they lose a mini-game, lose a lot of coins, or suffer other kinds of misfortune, but in other versions, Luigi howls, and Wario says "So ein mist!"[2] This is due to Nintendo's rules regarding religious references.
    • "So ein mist!" has been often misheard as "D'oh, I missed!" This quote has become a popular internet meme.
  • The box art can be confusing, as it depicts Mario punching a number block. Because of the position of the block, one might mistake the game for Mario Party 3.
  • Luigi, Peach, Wario and Toad's voice clips in this game were taken from the Japanese version of Mario Kart 64.


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