Mario Kart Wii(JP) is a video game for the Wii home console and the eighth installment in the Mario Kart series (which also includes all three arcade titles). The game comes packaged with a plastic steering wheel known as the Wii Wheel, which the Wii Remote can be inserted into, arguably making the gameplay seem familiar to Mario Kart Arcade GP. However, if the player wishes, they can also use the Wii Remote with the Nunchuk, with the Classic Controller, with the GameCube controller, or just on its side without the shell at all, resembling the control options of Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii. Mario Kart Wii is second most popular game on Nintendo Wii, making it the most popular Mario game on Wii.


Few dramatic changes have occurred in Mario Kart Wii, though there are some. For example, instead of just eight racers on a track at one time, there are now twelve. The players are also able to ride bikes.

The game is the second in the series to include Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, with the first being Mario Kart DS. However, more options are included, such as the ability to play Battle Mode online, plus allowing two people in the same room to play with others around the world using the same console. You're also allowed to send and recieve Ghost Data via this service and enter tournaments started by Nintendo.

A number of the items from the previous games are returning, though a total of three items are new to the series. The first includes the Mega Mushroom, which will enlarge the player, allowing them to plow over enemies, go over rough terrain without slowing down, go slightly faster than normal, and crash through any obstacles. The next is the Thundercloud, which will give you a short boost. However, if you don't send it to another player within a short time by crashing into them, then the cloud will shrink you. The final item is the POW Block, originating from Mario Bros. on the arcade. This block will spin all players save for the user out, though if the player shakes the Wii Remote or uses the d-pad (depending on which controller you're using) at the right moment, then he or she'll continue in the same speed he/she was, though still lose all of the items in their possession.

Game modes

The game contains the traditional Grand Prix Mode, Time Trial Mode, Mirror Mode, Versus Mode and Battle Mode, and also features the ever popular online mode where players can race or battle up to 11 other players around the world. Ghost Race will pit the player against a ghost of another player whom is at, roughly, the same skill level as you. In Tournament Mode (known as Competition Mode in Europe), the player will have to beat a timed task such as collecting all of the coins, passing through all the gates, defeating a boss, or an edited VS or Time Trial race (even within a Battle Arena). The aforementioned mode apparently replaces Mission Mode of Mario Kart DS.

Wii Wheel

Main article: Wii Wheel
When Mario Kart Wii was revealed at E3 of 2007, Reggie Fils-Aime also showed off the Wii Wheel, which would, at the game's release, come packaged with the game in an enlarged box. The wheel could also be sold separately if one wished to play in a multiplayer match with everyone using wheels.

With the Wii Wheel, the player will have to place the Wii remote inside of it, where it is stationed on its side. During races, the player can twist the wheel left and right to turn in the corresponding directions, similar to how you would in an arcade racing game (or even more specifically - Mario Kart Arcade GP).

If players use the Wii Wheel a lot, then a golden image of the Wii Wheel will be placed next to their avatar while playing online.


Wii Wheel

  • Accelerate: Hold 2 Button.
  • Rocket start: Hold 2 Button when Lakitu's traffic light goes middle or when the countdown is 2.
  • Steer: Turn Wii Wheel left/right.
  • Use item: Click on Control Pad (up/bottom).
  • Look behind: Hold A Button.
  • Trick: Move the wheel in any direction when in the air.
  • Drift: Hold B Button.
  • Mini-Turbo (CAN BE PERFORMED IN MANUAL): Hold B Button.
  • Brake: Hold B Button or 1 Button.
  • Reverse: Hold B Button or 1 Button.
  • Pause: Touch + Button.
  • Wheelie (CAN BE PERFORMED WHEN RIDING A BIKE): Move the wheel up.
  • Home Menu: Touch Home Button (blue house).

Wii Remote and Nunchuk

  • Accelerate: Hold A Button.
  • Rocket start: Hold A Button when Lakitu's traffic light goes middle or when the countdown is 2.
  • Steer: Move Control Stick (similar to analog stick) left/right.
  • Use item: Touch Z Button.
  • Look Behind: Hold C Button.
  • Trick: Move the remote in any direction when in the air.
  • Drift: Hold B Button.
  • Reverse: Hold B Button.
  • Brake: Hold B Button.
  • Pause: Touch + Button.
  • Wheelie (CAN BE PERFORMED WHEN RIDING A BIKE): Move the remote in any direction.
  • Mini-Turbo (CAN BE PERFORMED IN MANUAL): Hold B Button.
  • Home Menu: Touch Home Button (blue house).

Classic Controller

  • Accelerate: Hold A Button.
  • Rocket Start: Hold A Button when Lakitu's traffic light goes middle or when the countdown is 2.
  • Steer: Move L Stick.
  • Use Item: Touch L Button.
  • Look behind: Hold X Button or ZR Button.
  • Trick: Touch Control Pad in any direction when on the air.
  • Drift: Hold B Button or R Button.
  • Reverse: Hold B or R Button.
  • Brake: Hold B/R Button.
  • Pause: Touch + or Start Button.
  • Wheelie: (CAN BE PERFORMED WHEN RIDING A BIKE): Press up on Control Pad.
  • Mini-Turbo (CAN BE PERFORMED IN MANUAL): Hold B/R Button.
  • HOME menu: Touch blue house button.

Nintendo GameCube Controller

  • Accelerate: Hold green A Button.
  • Rocket Start: Hold green A Button when Lakitu's traffic light goes middle/when the countdown is 2.
  • Steer: Move Control Stick left/right.
  • Use item: Touch L Button.
  • Look behind: Hold X/Z Button.
  • Trick: Press Control Pad in any direction when floating in the air.
  • Drift: Hold red B/R Button.
  • Reverse: Hold red B/R Button.
  • Brake: Hold red B/grey R Button.
  • Pause: Click Pause/Start Button.
  • Wheelie (CAN BE PERFORMED WHEN RIDING A BIKE): Press up on Control Pad.
  • Mini-Turbo (CAN BE PERFORMED IN MANUAL): Hold red R/B Button.
  • Home Menu: You cannot do this.

Play Modes

  • Wii Wheel—you can also simply use the Wii Remote without the wheel.
  • Gamecube Controller
  • Wii Remote and Nunchuk
  • Classic Controller

New Features

  • Play with the wheel, GameCube controller, Remote/Nunchuck, or the Classic Controller
  • DS courses added to the retro courses
  • Motorcycles/bikes
  • The online play introduced in Mario Kart DS is retained
  • The return to single-player karts is retained from Mario Kart DS
  • 12 racers per race
  • Wheelies (for bikes)


Mario Kart Wii consists of 24 Mario characters and two costumed Mii's. Characters include series vets such as Mario and Yoshi and newcomers such as Rosalina and Funky Kong of Galaxy and DK Country fame, respectively, among a multitude of others. While Mario Kart: Double Dash!! introduced the character Toadette, the Wii installment of the popular series introduces a new baby - Baby Daisy. R.O.B. from Mario Kart DS has sadly been removed.

Image Name Weight Unlock
Baby Mario Light
Baby Luigi Light Unlock 8 expert Staff Ghosts or win 100 WFC races.
Baby Peach Light
Baby Daisy Light Get Star Rank for all Nitro Cups in 50cc.
Toad Light
Toadette Light Play all courses in Time Trials or win 1000 WFC races.
Koopa Troopa Light
Dry Bones Light Win Leaf Cup in 100cc.
Mario Middle
Luigi Middle
Peach Middle
Daisy Middle Win Special Cup in 150cc.
Yoshi Middle
Birdo Middle Play half of 32 (16) courses in Time Trials or win 250 WFC races.
Diddy Kong Middle Win Lightning Cup in 50cc.
Bowser Jr. Middle Get Star Rank for all Retro Cups in 100cc.
Wario Heavy
Waluigi Heavy
Donkey Kong Heavy
Bowser Heavy
King Boo Heavy Win Star Cup in 50cc.
Rosalina Heavy Have a save file from Super Mario Galaxy and play 50 races or get Star Rank for all Cups in Mirror Mode.
Funky Kong Heavy Unlock 4 Expert Staff Ghosts or win 25 WFC (Ghost) races.
Dry Bowser Heavy Get Star Rank for all Nitro Cups in 150cc.
Mii Outfit A Light, Middle, Heavy Win Special Cup in 100cc.
Mii Outfit B Light, Middle, Heavy Unlock all 32 Expert Staff Ghosts, win 5000 WFC/Ghost races or win over 5100 races and battles.



Mushroom Cup

Flower Cup

Star Cup

Special Cup
Luigi Circuit Mario Circuit Daisy Circuit Dry Dry Ruins 
Moo Moo Meadows Coconut Mall Koopa Cape Moonview Highway
Mushroom Gorge DK Summit (NTSC)
DK's Snowboard Cross (PAL)
Maple Treeway Bowser's Castle
Toad's Factory Wario's Gold Mine

Grumble Volcano 

Rainbow Road

Shell Cup

Banana Cup

Leaf Cup

Lightning Cup
GCN Peach Beach N64 Sherbet Land DS Desert Hills SNES Mario Circuit 3
DS Yoshi Falls GBA Shy Guy Beach GBA Bowser Castle 3 DS Peach Gardens
SNES Ghost Valley 2 DS Delfino Square N64 DK's Jungle Parkway GCN DK Mountain
N64 Mario Raceway GCN Waluigi Stadium GCN Mario Circuit N64 Bowser's Castle

Battle Arenas


Wii Stages

Retro Stages
Block Plaza SNES Battle Course 4
Delfino Pier GBA Battle Course 3
Funky Stadium N64 Skyscraper
Chain Chomp Wheel GCN Cookie Land
Thwomp Desert DS Twilight House


Ghosts a.k.a. Staff Ghosts also appear in this game. There are over 30 Staff Ghosts. Each of Nintendo's people have Miis. Medium appears at first, but expert ones can be unlocked if the original one is defeated.


Track Staff Name Country Time Character Karts or Bikes Controller Drift mode?

Luigi Circuit

Nin★sato Japan 1.29.670 Luigi Sprinter Wii Wheel Automatic
Moo Moo Meadows Nin★YuNya Japan 1.37.856 Baby Daisy Booster Seat Wii Wheel Automatic
Mushroom Gorge Nin★Murak unknown 2.16.110 Toadette Quacker Wii Wheel Manual
Toad's Factory Nin★Misa Japan 2.22.480 Toad Jet Bubble Wii Wheel Manual

Mario Circuit

Nin★=Kony Japan 1.44.777 Mario Zip Zip Wii Wheel Manual
Coconut Mall Nin★♪SiMO Japan 2.30.764 Daisy Sugarscoot Wii Remote + Nunchuk Manual
DK Summit Nin★mokke Japan 2.34.693 Donkey Kong Standard Bike L Wii Wheel Manual
Wario's Gold Mine Nin★morimo Japan 2.19.585 Wario Wario Bike Wii Wheel Manual
Daisy Circuit Nin★Toki Japan 1.56.822 Daisy Daytripper GameCube Manual
Koopa Cape Nin★Rose Japan 3.03.022 Koopa Troopa Cheep Charger Wii Remote + Nunchuk Manual
Maple Treeway Nin★pico unknown 2.58.633 Diddy Kong Classic Dragster Wii Wheel Manual
Grumble Volcano Nin★Gorin Japan 2.28.237 Dry Bowser Offroader Wii Wheel Manual
Dry Dry Ruins Nin★Kei unknown 2.30.949 Yoshi Classic Dragster Wii Wheel Manual
Moonview Highway Nin★KOZ★ Japan 2.16.802 Peach Standard Kart M Wii Wheel Manual
Bowser's Castle Nin★YABUKI unknown 3.04.836 Bowser Piranha Prowler GameCube Manual
Rainbow Road Nin★Konno Japan 3.05.895 Rosalina Shooting Star Wii Remote + Nunchuk Manual
GCN Peach Beach Nin★HIRO unknown 1.34.233 Peach Daytripper Wii Remote + Nunchuk Manual
DS Yoshi Falls Nin★DoTak Japan 1.16.461 Yoshi Zip Zip Wii Remote + Nunchuk Manual
SNES Ghost Valley 2 Nin★YOKO. Japan 1.06.595 King Boo Standard Kart L Wii Wheel Manual
N64 Mario Raceway Nin★Ichiro Japan 2.14.799 Baby Mario Bit Bike Wii Wheel Manual
N64 Sherbet Land Nin★Sakat unknown 2.48.651 Baby Luigi Quacker Wii Wheel Automatic
GBA Shy Guy Beach Nin★Kato Japan 1.45.568 Koopa Troopa Cheep Charger Wii Wheel Manual
DS Delfino Square Nin★iwaco Japan 2.41.807 Wario Wario Bike Wii Wheel Manual
GCN Waluigi Stadium Nin★NARI★ Japan 2.32.882 Waluigi Standard Bike L Wii Remote + Nunchuk Manual
DS Desert Hills Nin★CHIA unknown 2.10.233 Dry Bones Standard Bike S Wii Remote + Nunchuk Manual
GBA Bowser Castle 3 Nin★Fukuda Japan 2.58.304 Dry Bowser Standard Kart L Wii Wheel Manual
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway Nin★Matt Japan 2.58.264 Donkey Kong Phantom Wii Wheel Automatic
GCN Mario Circuit Nin★♪Miz Japan 1.59.771 Mario Standard Bike M Wii Wheel Manual
SNES Mario Circuit 3 Nin★iwaco Japan 1.38.880 Baby Mario Standard Kart S Wii Wheel Manual
DS Peach Gardens Nin★Ito.y Japan 2.34.894 Baby Peach Magikruiser Wii Wheel Manual
GCN DK Mountain Nin★♪msk unknown 2.57.744 Funky Kong Wario Bike Wii Wheel Manual
N64 Bowser's Castle Nin★GASK2 Japan 3.19.323 Bowser Jr. Standard Kart M Wii Wheel Manual


Track: Staff Name: Time: Character: Karts or Bikes: Controller: Drift Mode?:
Luigi Circuit Nin★Uta♪ 1.19.419 Luigi Mach Bike Wii Wheel Manual
Moo Moo Meadows Nin★Tkym 1.25.909 Baby Daisy Bullet Bike Other Automatic
Mushroom Gorge Nin★Miki 2.01.011 Toadette Concerto

Mini Beast

Other Manual
Toad's Factory Nin★GQO 2.05.593 Toad Blue Falcon Other Manual
Mario Circuit Nin★fuyu 1.33.702 Mario Sprinter Other Manual
Coconut Mall Nin★MUGI★ 2.13.333 Daisy Wild Wing Wii Wheel Manual
DK Summit Nin★KOZ★ 2.17.546 Donkey Kong Flame Flyer Wii Wheel Manual
Wario's Gold Mine Nin★♪Ryo 2.04.800 Wario Flame Flyer Other Manual
Daisy Circuit Nin★Taeko 1.41.362 Daisy Mach Bike Other Manual
Koopa Cape Nin★morimo 2.41.370 Koopa Troopa Jet Bubble Other Manual
Maple Treeway Nin★MUGI★ 2.37.812 Diddy Kong Sneakster Other Manual
Grumble Volcano Nin★aki 2.11.852 Dry Bowser Spear Other Manual
Dry Dry Ruins Nin★Akito 2.14.286 Yoshi Sneakster Wii Wheel Manual
Moonview Highway Nin★Koh 2.04.163 Peach Mach Bike Wii Wheel Manual
Bowser's Castle Nin★Masa 2.42.098 Bowser Flame Runner Other Manual
Rainbow Road Nin★Syun1 2.44.734 Rosalina Jetsetter Other Manual
GCN Peach Beach Nin★Taeko 1.23.140 Peach Dolphin Dasher Wii Wheel


DS Yoshi Falls Nin★FJ 1.09.175 Yoshi Super Blooper Wii Wheel Manual
SNES Ghost Valley 2 Nin★sira〉 0.58.907 King Boo Spear Other Manual
N64 Mario Raceway Nin★Yuuki 1.59.053 Baby Mario Mini Beast Other Manual
N64 Sherbet Land Nin★FJ 2.28.356 Baby Luigi Blue Falcon Other Manual
GBA Shy Guy Beach Nin★Matt 1.32.867 Koopa Troopa Magikruiser Other Manual
DS Delfino Square Nin★TARO 2.24.169 Wario Honeycoupe Other Manual
GCN Waluigi Stadium Nin★♪Ryo 2.12.367 Waluigi Piranha Prowler Other Manual
DS Desert Hills Nin★solami 1.52.686 Dry Bones Tiny Titan Wii Wheel Manual
GBA Bowser Castle 3 Nin★A24 2.39.391 Dry Bowser Flame Runner Other Manual
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway Nin★Syun1 2.37.782 Donkey Kong Flame Flyer Wii Wheel Manual
GCN Mario Circuit Nin★Dai8 1.49.939 Mario Wild Wing Other Manual
SNES Mario Circuit 3 Nin★Shige 1.26.659 Baby Mario Bullet Bike Other Manual
DS Peach Gardens Nin★=Kony 2.16.777 Baby Peach Mini Beast Wii Wheel Manual
GCN DK Mountain Nin★Miyam 2.38.130 Funky Kong Flame Flyer Wii Wheel Manual
N64 Bowser's Castle Nin★Kentan 2.55.933 Bowser Jr. Sneakster Wii Wheel Manual

World Records

Over time, various players from various areas have set world records on each course in the game. Here is a list of the current records (as of July 11, 2019)

Course Time Player Name Nation Date
Luigi Circuit 01:08.887 Cole Canada April 25, 2018
Moo Moo Meadows 01:15.621 Sosis United States October 16, 2018
Mushroom Gorge 00:21.015 Vindicta United States January 24, 2019
Toad's Factory 01:49.326 Luke United Kingdom March 31, 2018
Mario Circuit 00:49.092 Bryce United States July 2, 2019
Coconut Mall 00:31.481 Braixen United States July 7, 2019
DK Summit 01:45.629 Connor United States June 16, 2018
Wario's Gold Mine 00:32.351 Justin United States May 6, 2018
Daisy Circuit 01:28.675 Luke United Kingdom October 17, 2018
Koopa Cape 02:18.258 Jorge United States February 22, 2019
Maple Treeway 01:50.955 Braixen United States December 11, 2018
Grumble Volcano 00:17.715 Ejay Australia July 8, 2019
Dry Dry Ruins 01:47.307 Infi Japan July 12, 2018
Moonview Highway 01:43.152 Luke United Kingdom December 24, 2018
Bowser's Castle 02:09.346 Blaze United States June 22, 2018
Rainbow Road 02:24.958 Bob Denmark January 20, 2019
GCN Peach Beach 01:00.395 ßrαiχeπ726 United States June 29, 2017
DS Yoshi Falls 00:58.747 Braixen United States May 24, 2019
SNES Ghost Valley 2 00:50.862 Leaf United States March 10, 2019
N64 Mario Raceway 01:41.358 Jascha Canada April 30, 2019
N64 Sherbet Land 01:24.746 skyleaf United States July 4, 2019
GBA Shy Guy Beach 01:21.496 Sosis United States January 13, 2019
DS Delfino Square 02:04.296 Luke United Kingdom April 11, 2019
GCN Waluigi Stadium 01:48.754 Ace United Kingdom January 14, 2019
DS Desert Hills 01:31.759 Justin United States December 28, 2018
GBA Bowser Castle 3 01:57.627 Luke United Kingdom May 4, 2019
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway 00:45.280 ßrαiχeπ726 United States January 13, 2017
GCN Mario Circuit 01:30.797 Luke United Kingdom February 11, 2019
SNES Mario Circuit 3 01:17.952 Luke United Kingdom March 1, 2018
DS Peach Gardens 01:59.217 Brett United States February 21, 2019
GCN DK Mountain 01:58.772 Logan United States January 29, 2019
N64 Bowser's Castle 02:30.980 Luke United Kingdom November 29, 2018

Competition/Tournament-exclusive Arenas

Karts and Bikes

Image Name AKA Weight Unlock


Standard Kart S Light
MKW Booster Seat
Booster Seat Baby Booster Light
Mini Beast Concerto Light
MKW Cheep Charger
Cheep Charger Light Get Star Rank or more for all 50cc Retro Cups.
Tiny Titan Rally Romper Light Unlock 1 Expert Staff Ghost or win 50 WFC races.
Blue Falcon Light Win Lightning Cup in Mirror Mode.


Standard Bike S Light
Bullet Bike Light
Bit Bike Nanobike Light
Quacker Light Win Star Cup in 150cc.
Magikruiser Light Play 8 different courses in Time Trial mode.
Jet Bubble Bubble Bike Light Win Leaf Cup in Mirror Mode.


Standard Kart M Middle
Classic Dragster Nostalgia 1 Middle
Wild Wing Middle
Super Blooper Turbo Blooper Middle Win Leaf Cup in 50cc.
MKW Day Tripper
Daytripper Royal Racer Middle Win Leaf Cup in 150cc.
Sprinter B Dasher Mk 2 Middle Unlock 24 Expert Staff Ghosts or win 3000 WFC races.


Standard Bike M Middle
Mach Bike Middle
Sugarscoot Bon Bon Middle
Zip Zip Rapide Middle Win Lightning Cup in 100cc.
Sneakster Nitrocycle Middle Get Star Rank or more in all 100cc Nitro Cups.
Dolphin Dasher Middle Win Star Cup in Mirror Mode.


Standard Kart L Heavy
Offroader Heavy
MKW Flame Flyer
Flame Flyer Heavy
Piranha Prowler Heavy Win Special Cup in 50cc.
Jetsetter Aero Glider Heavy Get Star Rank or more in all 150cc Retro Cups.
Honeycoupe Dragonetti Heavy Win Lightning Cup in 150cc.


Standard Bike L Heavy
MKW Flame Runner
Flame Runner Bowser Bike Heavy
Wario Bike Heavy
Shooting Star Twinkle Star Heavy Win Star Cup in 100cc.
Spear Torpedo Heavy Unlock 12 Expert Staff Ghosts.
Phantom Heavy Win Special Cup in Mirror Mode.


Name Image Ability
Banana Peel Banana - Mario Kart Wii When placed on the road, the Banana Peel will make anyone slip on the road and slow down when touched.
Triple Banana Peels Triple Bananas - Mario Kart Wii Act the same as the single version, except there are three. When used, bananas will act as a shield at the back of your vechicle.
Green Shell Green Shell Artwork - Mario Kart Wii When used, a Green Shell will slide on the ground and go straight. It has the ability to bounce off of walls. Anyone who comes in contact with the shell will automatically get knocked or flipped over.
Triple Green Shells Triple Green Shells Artwork - Mario Kart Wii Act the same as the single version, except there's 3. When used, 3 green shells will go around the vechicle, shielding and protecting you from most attacks. Only one can be used at a time.
Red Shell Red Shell Artwork - Mario Kart Wii Functions similarly to a Green Shell, except it chases the nearest driver in front of you.
Triple Red Shell Triple Red Shells - Mario Kart Wii Has the same function as the Triple Green Shell, except they chase the nearest oppenent in front of you.
Mushroom Mushroom - Mario Kart Wii Increases your speed.
Triple Mushrooms Triple Mushrooms - Mario Kart Wii Increases your speed, except there are 3.
Fake Item Box Fake Item Box - Mario Kart Wii It resembles an Item Box, but it's red and black and will knock over anyone who bumps into it.
Bob-omb Bob-omb (MKWii) When thrown, Bob-omb will stay at the place it lands. After a short period of time, it will explode, and will chuck anyone who is unlucky enough to get caught in the blast radius into the air.
Blooper Blooper Artwork - Mario Kart Wii This squid animal will spray ink at everyone, thus confusing them by blocking their view.
Mega Mushroom Mega Mushroom Artwork - Mario Kart Wii Makes you super-giant but for a limited time, and also increasing your speed and ability to go off-road without any speed loss. Anyone who gets touched by a giant player will get squashed and flattened.
Blue Shell Spiny Shell - Mario Kart Wii When used, a Blue Shell with its wings and spikes will fly in the air super-fast with its blue lasers. After much flying, the Blue Shell will aim for the driver in 1st place. After that, the leader will get chucked into the air in the blue explosion.
POW Block
POW Block - Mario Kart Wii
When used, the POW Block will act as a warning sign for all of your oppenents in front of you. After seeing this 'warning icon', the POW Block will make the screen shake and release its blue laser. Acts like a Banana Peel, but they lose their items and the attack is very powerful. Can be avoided by shaking the Wii Remote at the right time, although items will still be lost. Since the POW Block only affects the racers on front of the user on the ground, this item can also be avoided by being in the air. This way, the player will keep his momentum and his items.
Thundercloud Thunder Cloud Artwork - Mario Kart Wii When used, the Thundercloud will appear above your head. He will increase your speed by making harmless shock at you. After a limited time, when you bump into someone, he will follow them. After that, another player still increase his or her speed, but the Thundercloud will shrink them.
Star Star - Mario Kart Wii Makes you invincible. If you hit anyone while the player is flashing rainbow, then the victim will get knocked over.
Lightning Thunderbolt - Mario Kart Wii Shrinks everyone in front of you, making them slow down.
Golden Mushroom Golden Mushroom Artwork - Mario Kart Wii It has a similar effect as the Dash Mushroom, except that you can increase speed repeatedly at anytime but with limited time.
Bullet Bill Bullet Bill Artwork - Mario Kart Wii Transforms you into a Bullet Bill, which will follow the course at an incredibly high speed-faster than everything. Anyone who gets bumped by him will simply get knocked over. If the player is far away from 1st, Bullet Bill will last longer. But if the player is near 1st, Bullet Bill will immediately vanish.


Beta / Cut Content

The game had a few instances of cut content that were later revealed through datamining. The largest was the existence of a Mission Mode similar to Mario Kart DS. While it is unclear how deep the mode would be since there are no files associated with it, it is suggested that some of the online events were likely restructured from this Mission Mode. Additionally, there are character portraits for Petey Piranha, Koopa Paratroopa and Hammer Bro. as well as a third Mii Outfit suggesting that these were planned at one point for the game though the first two could be remnants from Double Dash!. Additionally, the Chain Chomp seems to have been planned to appear as an item at one point during the game's development. It was likely replaced by the Bullet Bill which basically serves the same function.



  • This is the second most popular Wii game, which means this is the most popular Mario-related video game to be released for the Wii.
  • The Pin Sound in the Rhythm Boxing track from Wii Fit is played at the end for this game's Staff Roll B Music Track.
  • The menu music is similar to that of Mario Kart DS.
  • Some of the playable characters' voice clips were later recycled in Mario Kart 7 and Mario Party 9.
  • Mission Mode was supposed to return from Mario Kart DS as the menu is still found in the files. It is thought that it was scrapped quite late in development.

Some Songs reused parts of other songs

  • Title - Title Theme (Mario Kart DS)
  • Rainbow Road - Rainbow Road (Mario Kart DS) / Good Egg Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)
  • Award Ceremony - Finish Level (Super Mario Bros.) / Award Ceremony (Mario Kart 64)
  • Staff Roll B - Rhythm Boxing (Wii Fit)

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