Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is a racing game for the Nintendo Switch. The game is an augmented reality Mario Kart game played using RC Karts controlled via the Switch. The race is set up four gates placed around the room with the path directed by driving the included kart. The game comes in two different sets, one including Mario, the other including Luigi. The game itself has to be downloaded from the eShop, but it only displays a video without the accessories.


The game has the player controlling a RC kart using a Switch controller. The view on the screen is an augmented view from the camera on the kart. The controls reflect the typical Mario Kart controls with drifting, drafting and using items. In Grand Prix, the player will be competing against Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings in each cup. There are 3 races per cup, which allow the player to change the layout of the course for each one but, the effects are preselected. There is a total of 9 cups. Additionally, there is Custom Race, which allows the player to further customize course to choose the effects for each gate and the course's theme. There are also time trials but, the times for the course only exist as long as the course stays the same. For multiplayer, each player requires their own Switch and kart, but it supports up to 4 players.

Course Creation

The game comes with four gates numbered 1 through 4. The gates are supposed to be laid out across the room to help the augmented reality function. The player then has to drive their kart with Lakitu coating their kart in paint starting at the first gate. As the player moves, paint is left behind, indicating where the track will be. There is no restrictions to the shape of the course with courses able to have loops and as many twists as the player could want. However, it needs to fit inside a 15 by 15 foot area. Once the player returns to the first gate, the track is finished and can be raced on.

In the custom race mode, the player can change the gate's functions can be changed to the following options: Item Boxes, Boost, Piranha Plant, Chain Chomp, Item Pipe, and Magikoopa.

The course can be changed to the following themes which cause an effect for the entire race.

  • Underwater
  • Raining - Mushrooms grow randomly along the course
  • Snowing - Freezies act as obstacles on the course and stall karts that hit them
  • Sandstorm - The course drags the racers to the left the whole race
  • Rainbow Road - Ring Boosts along the course
  • 8-bit - There are sprites of Coins and Goombas scattered across the course


Costumes and Karts




The game has reached 1.27 million units sold by the end of March 2021.