The Mario Kart Channel allows you to check records and view worldwide tournaments for Mario Kart Wii without having the disc inserted. To actually play the tournaments, however, you'll need to have the disc inside of the Wii. The same goes for playing rival ghosts.

Most functions of the channel have been discontinued as of May 20, 2014. The channel was unofficially rereleased for use with Wiimmfi on May 10, 2014, and began to support RiiConnect24 in November 2017.

The karts and bikes shown before the channel is started are shown, depending on what vehicles have been unlocked from any license:

  • Baby Luigi's Standard Kart S
  • Toadette's Baby Booster/Booster Seat
  • Dry Bones's Mini Beast/Concerto
  • Baby Mario's Cheep Charger
  • Baby Mario's Tiny Titan/Rally Romper
  • Baby Mario's Blue Falcon
  • Red Team Battle Mode's Standard Bike S
  • Baby Mario's Bullet Bike
  • Baby Mario's Bit Bike/Nanobike
  • Male Mii's Quacker
  • Baby Mario's Magikruiser
  • Male Mii's Jet Bubble/Bubble Bike
  • Mario's Standard Kart M
  • Daisy's Classic Dragster/Nostalgia 1
  • Mario's Wild Wing
  • Mario's Super Blooper/Turbo Blooper
  • Peach's Daytripper/Royal Racer
  • Bowser Jr.'s Sprinter/B Dasher MK 2
  • Mario's Standard Bike M
  • Female Mii's Mach Bike
  • Peach's Sugarscoot/Bon Bon
  • Yoshi's Zip Zip/Rapide
  • Female Mii's Sneakster/Nitrocycle
  • Mario's Dolphin Dasher
  • Bowser's Standard Kart L
  • Bowser's Offroader
  • Bowser's Flame Flyer
  • Funky Kong's Piranha Prowler
  • Wario's Jetsetter/Areo Glider
  • Rosalina's Honeycoupe/Dragonetti
  • Waluigi's Standard Bike L
  • Bowser's Flame Runner/Bowser Bike
  • Wario's Wario Bike
  • Rosalina's Shooting Star/Twinkle Star
  • Waluigi's Spear/Torpedo
  • Funky Kong's Phantom



  • For some reason on the Wii Menu, The channel is called Mario Kart Wii instead of Mario Kart Channel.
  • If your Wii console was in maintenance mode and have the Mario Kart Channel on it, when you click on it, the word channel changes to Japanese text and the karts that you might not have unlocked, they are still on the banner.