Mario Golf: Super Rush is the sixth entry in the Mario Golf series for the Nintendo Switch. The game has new features that allow the player to more accurately aim their golf shot. It also adds some new modes. Speed Golf has the players tee off at the same time and continue their golfing at the same time as each other. In Story Mode, the player controls a Mii who competes to become a better golfer.


Playable characters who were added in later updates are marked in bold.


Similar to other games in the Mario Golf series, the player must attempt to hit a golf ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. The Shot Gauge shows the direction of the golf ball against the slopes, and the scan feature allows the player to assess the terrain.

Super Rush introduces a new mode called Speed Golf. In this mode, players golf simultaneously and must physically run to their ball to take their next shot. Each character has a unique Special Shot and Special Dash. Another new mode in Super Rush is Battle Golf, which is similar to Speed Golf, but it takes place on a arena course where the players must make three shots into three of the nine open holes. The game also has a mode called Golf Adventure, a story mode where the player controls their Mii as they move up the ranks of a golf league.

Pre-release screenshot of Mario hitting the golf ball. To his right is the "Shot Gauge" to help determine the ball's curve.



Super Rush was developed by Camelot Software Planning and published by Nintendo; it was announced during the February 27, 2021 Nintendo Direct. People that pre-ordered the game received an exclusive pin set. Fans noticed that King Bob-omb was mentioned as a playable character on the official website before being officially announced.



As of the end of 2021, Nintendo announced that the game had sold 2.26 million units worldwide. It reached 2.35 million units sold by the end of March 2022.