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Mario Golf: Super Rush is the sixth entry in the Mario Golf series for the Nintendo Switch. The game has new features that allow the player to more accurately aim their golf shot. It also adds some new modes. Speed Golf has the players tee off at the same time and continue their golfing at the same time as each other. In Story Mode, the player controls a Mii who competes to become a better golfer.



  • Miis


The fundamental gameplay of Super Rush is comparable to the other games in the Mario Golf series. Through traditional golfing rules, the player's primary objection is to get the golf ball into the cup at the end of the hole in the fewest strokes as possible using various clubs they have available to them. The player who completes the game with the smallest number of strokes, is deemed the winner of the match in the context of the competition. Various tools are available to the players for strategic benefit such as the Shot Gauge showing the direction of the golf ball's curve against the slopes, and the scan feature, which allows the player to better assess the elevation off the terrain. The game offers both conventional button controls for taking shots and also offers motion control so you can swing the Joy-Con just like a real golf club.

Speed Golf, a newly introduced mode for the Mario Golf series, has players Golf simultaneously in a race to complete the hole before their opponents. After each swing, players run across the course toward their ball to take their next shot, dealing with other players and obstacles along the way. Each character in the game's roster has unique Special Shot and Special Dash abilities to take advantage of. For example, Luigi has the ability to freeze the ground. Another new mode called Battle Golf also makes its debut. Battle Golf resembles Speed Golf mechanically but differs in that it takes place on a special arena-course where players have to sink the ball in any 3 of the 9 open holes first to win. Additionally, the game features a story mode titled "Golf Adventure" that includes role-playing game elements like gaining experience and stat progression. Players control their own customizable Mii as they become students in a country club, train, and face-off against classmates from the Mushroom Kingdom.

Pre-release screenshot of Mario hitting the golf ball. To his right is the "Shot Gauge" to help determine the ball's curve.



Mario Golf: Super Rush is developed by Camelot Software Planning and published by Nintendo; the game was announced during a Nintendo Direct on February 17, 2021, and it is set to be released worldwide June 25 the same year. People that pre-ordered the game also received an exclusive pin set. Though not detailed in the initial game announcement, fans spotted that King Bob-omb, a boss battle that originally appeared in Super Mario 64, was accidentally mentioned by Nintendo to be a playable character on the official game page before being amended. King Bob-omb's inclusion was later officially revealed in an overview trailer alongside Pauline, Chargin' Chuck, and others.