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The Mario Club Company is a debugging subsidiary under the Nintendo Licensing Division in Kyoto. It is sometimes refereed to as the Kyoto research center. The Super Mario Club are typically credited in many Nintendo games, though they go under various different, albeit very similar, names including Super Mario Club, (Super) Mario Club staff, NCL Super Mario Club, and Super Mario Club Debug Team. They have been credited for debugging, testing, and, most commonly, are listed under the special thanks. The Mario Club lists its official name as Mario Club, Inc.

For many years they were a debugging team within Nintendo, but in July of 2009 they officially became a subsidiary. As of January 2011, they have 301 employees. Nintendo fully owns the Mario Club and its president is Miki Ken.

"Super Mario Club" is also the name of a long running Nintendo-sponsored Japanese variety show that aired on TV Tokyo in various incarnations from 1990 to 2001. Other names for the show include "Super Mario Stadium", "64 Mario Stadium", and "Mario School".

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