Mario Clock is a downloadable DSiWare clock video game released in 2009 by Nintendo. The game costs 200 Nintendo Points and was accompanied by Animal Crossing Clock in Japan and Mario Calculator in America when it was released. The game is basically a clock with a Super Mario Bros. theme to it.

Automatically when you press the app button, the time will be showcased on the top screen and Mario will start running around on a stage. On the bottom screen are various options you can choose from. Each time you press a button, a noise from Super Mario Bros. will emit from the speakers. From the options you can choose to change the time and make it either digital or analog. Naturally an alarm clock is available, and you can choose three different songs to choose from including the Super Mario Bros. theme, the star theme, and the underwater theme. When the alarm goes off, various characters and enemies from Super Mario Bros. will flash across the screen in their original sprite form. When on the options page and you wish to return to a previously viewed page, the sound of Mario or Luigi going through a pipe will be made.


On the top screen, the character running can be controlled with the A button, which will cause him to jump. He will constantly be running at all times, though using the jump button you can make him collect the various coins that are scattered throughout all of the levels. After you collect one hundred coins, the character you're currently playing as will be replaced by his brother. For example, if you're playing as Mario and you collect one hundred coins, he'll be replaced by Luigi. When analog is being displayed, each time you collect one hundred coins, a number on the clock will be replaced by either Mario or Luigi. After all the numbers have been filled (1,200 coins), then Mario will enter a castle and meet Princess Toadstool, who'll say the same thing she said in the original game:

"Thank you Mario!
Your quest is over.
We present you a new quest."

Now you will be instructed to press the B button. Doing so will start the entire game over.

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