Mario Artist: Talent Studio (マリオアーティスト・タレントスタジオ Mario Ātisuto Tarento Sutajio?) is a Nintendo 64DD video game released early in 2000 exclusively in Japan. It was the second of four games released within the Mario Artist series, the first being Mario Artist: Paint Studio. In this game, you could create personal avatars and then following that animate them. You could interestingly place images you've taken using the Game Boy Camera of someone's face and plaster it on the face of your in-game character. The avatars you created were in 3D. Since the idea of placing faces on the models was the primary selling point, it came bundled with the Nintendo 64's Capture Cartridge. The game was compatible with Mario Artist: Communication Kit, where you could share your creations with players around Japan and enter competitions.


Trying to find out how to place images of people's heads on the heads of the models was a challenge the developers had to overcome, though according to them it was more of a challenge to figure out to do with the characters once you created them. They attempted to make a minigame where you control the character on top of a ball, though in the end they went with the idea of creating movies with the characters you created. While then the idea proved unsuccessful, Nintendo tried again with the custom character idea years later when the Wii was released with the Miis.


  • Kazumi Totaka's song is hidden in this game as a music track that can be used in animations.
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