Mario Artist: Paint Studio is a Nintendo 64DD video game released late in 1999. The game is based off of the SNES classic Mario Paint, though instead of using the SNES Mouse it used the Nintendo 64 Mouse, which it came bundled with. It is a simple paint program where you can create portraits in a similar fashion to how you would in Microsoft Paint or Apple Works. There are various Nintendo based portraits and stamps that you can use in your paintings. With the use of the Capture Cartridge, players could import their images they've taken with the Game Boy Camera over to Paint Studio and alter them on a larger screen. The game was one of four Mario Artist games released on the 64DD. More were planned, though because the games proved unsuccessful they were never released. It is possible to create short animations with this game, 35 frames long. There are also minigames, including Fly Swatting (based on Gnat Attack). The player can explore three 3D worlds- Mars, Underwater and Dinosaur Land (not to be confused with Dinosaur World) The player can travel through these environments and take pictures of the creatures who inhabit it. This feature is said to be similar to Pokémon Snap.


The following are characters from other Nintendo games that appeared in Paint Studio in the form of stamps. Take note that the list is not finished.


  • Mario Artist: Paint Studio is the only Nintendo 64DD game to use the Transfer Pak; by using the Game Boy Camera.
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