Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope is an upcoming game for the Nintendo Switch and is a sequel to the 2017 game Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. The game was first revealed on June 12, 2021, on Nintendo of America's website and is scheduled to be released on October 20, 2022. The second entry to the Mario + Rabbids series, it is itself a crossover with the Mario and the Raving Rabbids series. It will be published by Ubisoft.


As the successor, the gameplay will be similar to Kingdom Battle which once more sees Mario and company with their Rabbid companions battling against enemies and Rabbid foes in a tactical role-playing setting. It is also expected that enemies encounters, such as red-eye Bob-ombs, would take place outside combat battles.

The game will take place in an outer space setting, fairly similar to the Super Mario Galaxy games, which Mario and his teammates travel on a spaceship to "lots of planets", according to Manzanares.[1]


Mario, Rabbid Peach, Rabbid Luigi, Luigi, Rabbid Mario, and Rabbid Peach are confirmed to return, while two new Rabbid characters, Rabbid Rosalina and an unnamed goth-like Rabbid swordswoman, join the cast. Beep-0 returns as the guide.

Sparks, a formation of Luma and Rabbids, are a new species that accompany Mario's group as allies. They are confirmed to have abilities such as fire and ice powers to assist the group in battle. They are "fragile creatures", according to Soliani.[1] Bowser will also appear, though his role is yet to be determined.


Mario and his Rabbid team embark on an intergalactic journey to rescue the Sparks and stop the evil forces of Cursa.



Creative director Davide Soliani describes Sparks of Hope as "a new take on the tactical genre". One major change to the gameplay is that it will allow players to move more freely in both 'combat' and 'explorable' environments, and removing the 'grid-based' mechanic entirely. This was a change made in the Donkey Kong Adventure DLC which Soliani describes it as "evolving". He said, "With the DLC Donkey Kong Adventure, we were changing quite a lot of stuff on the structure. And we were adding Donkey Kong going all over the place, grabbing the heroes, throwing them. So we are continuing [that evolution]." In regards to non-combat enemy encounters, producer Xavier Manzanares stated that, "[b]ecause you can move in this area of movement the way you want, you can dash a Bom-omb, then you have it in your hand. You can move around as you want, but then it's going to explode." Manzanares said the new mechanic is "completely different from what we had", bring a "real-time element to the mix." He added, "[] it's changing a lot, the way you play and the strategy."[1]


  • Mario is depicted with a dual shooting weapon, referencing Star Lord from the Guardians of the Galaxy comic book media and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Coincidentially, Chris Pratt who played the character in the films is voicing Mario in the 2023 upcoming Mario animated film.


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