Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle - Donkey Kong Adventure is the DLC expansion game of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle for the Nintendo Switch originally released in 2017. This campaign follows Rabbid Peach and Beep-0 teaming up with Donkey Kong and Rabbid Cranky on a quest to recover the scattered missing pieces for the Time Washing Machine.

It was released worldwide on June 26, 2018 as part of the base game's Season Pass.[1]


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The gameplay is very much like the original game, in which it involves characters battling against various Rabbid enemies in a turn-based, tactical setting. However, there are some notable changes from the original. For instance, Donkey Kong has a new banana-throwing mechanic which is similar to throwing a boomerang. It can reach certain enemies from various angles before the weapon returns. For Rabbid Cranky, he mainly uses bow-like weaponry and can shoot enemies (and allies) from above right before landing. In doing so, it can trigger an effect such as Ice or Poison. While Rabbid Peach's abilities remain the same, there are new weapon designs exclusively for this mode.

For currency, bananas replace coins. In certain areas, there are patterns of bananas which spawns a banana bunch once all are collected. There are also puzzle pieces hidden across the game for the player to find to reveal a hidden picture. In some areas such as tropical islands, players can move more freely as opposed to the grid-based areas.

The game has four new areas.



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Grant Kirkhope returns as the composer for this game. It features new music tracks including arrangements of the original Donkey Kong, the Donkey Kong Country series, and Donkey Kong 64 (in which Kirkhope also worked on).[2] Unlike the base game, there's no new orchestra performances.

Some areas feature whistling, performed by seagulls and birds, which sync up with the game's background music.


The expansion game received favorable reviews. On Metacritic, the game has a score of "82", indicating "generally favorable reviews" based on 31 reviews.[3]

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