Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (JP) (also called M&LDT, Mario & Luigi RPG 4: Dream Adventure in Japan and South Korea, or Mario & Luigi 4 and known as Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. in the PAL regions) is an RPG game released for the Nintendo 3DS in July and August of 2013. It is the fourth entry in the Mario & Luigi series, preceded by the 2009 Nintendo DS game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, and succeeded by Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam in 2015 (which was also released for the 3DS), and is one of the five games celebrated during The Year of Luigi. As such, Luigi has a much bigger role in the game than in the previous Mario & Luigi games. A special edition Nintendo 3DS XL with a Luigi themed print was released in Japan as part of the event and includes a digital copy of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team pre-installed on the SD card. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is a graphically pivotal entry in the Mario & Luigi series, as its art style has been used in all the future installments in the series (Paper Jam, Bowser's Minions, and Bowser Jr.'s Journey)

The name comes from the term "dream team", a team composed of the greatest performers of a certain talent.


One day in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toadsworth, and some Toads are invited to Pi'illo Island, which is said to contain a special power that makes people fall asleep. During the flight, a dark pillow falls onto a blimp and transforms into a dark figure who Mario defeats. After defeating him, the blimp malfunctions and crashes into the Pi'illo Blimport. However, it is revealed that it was all Luigi's dream. The group proceeds to Pi'illo Castle, where they meet Starlow. Mario and Luigi go to a room where Peach and Toadsworth accidentally set off a test platform sending them to ancient Pi'illo ruins. Mario & Luigi follow and eventually find Peach and Toadsworth, as well as a Pi'illo, which later turns out to be Prince Dreambert. They find a collection room where Luigi takes a nap on the pillow. After everyone gathers in the collection room, a Dream Portal opens a portal to the Dream World. The dark figure from Luigi's dream pulls Princess Peach into the Dream World. After Mario chases after Peach into Dreamy Pi'illo Castle, with the help of a dreamy version of Broque Monsieur, he comes across Dreamy Luigi, Luigi's dream representation, who assists Mario through his treks in the Dream World.

The Bros. catch up to the dark figure, who creates a portal to Dream's Deep and flees there, sealing it up afterwards. Mario and Luigi then find a Nightmare Chunk and break it, freeing Prince Dreambert. He explains that there were two powers in Pi'illo island, the Dream Stone and the Dark Stone. Both stones have the power to grant wishes. The Pi'illo folk were protecting the stones from misuse. Then the Bat King Antasma came to steal the Dark Stone to fulfill his desires. The Pi'illo could not defeat him, though they managed to trap him in the Dream World, however Antasma destroyed the Dark Stone at the last second, thus causing the Pi'illo's souls to be trapped in Nightmare chunks upon being hit by one. Prince Dreambert then runs out of the room, the Bros. following him. After catching up to Prince Dreambert and saving some Pi'illos they learn from one that Eldream, a Pi'illo elder, knows how to reach Dream's Deep. The Bros. then set off to find him in Mushrise Park.

Upon arriving at Mushrise Park the Bros. learn that Brickle, the Manager of the park, has Eldream but will not give him up unless they catch him. After the Bros. free him from being stuck in the fountain top, Brickle allows them to use his bed in his hut. After freeing Eldream, he opens the portal to Dream's Deep where the Bros. enter. Meanwhile in the real world, Bowser appears along with Kamek and the newly-formed Elite Trio, Private Goomp, Corporal Paraplonk, and Sergeant Guy. Bowser follows the princess's scent to Dream's Deep right where the Bros. are confronting Antasma. Upon being convinced by Antasma and his claims, Bowser teams with him and decides kidnap Peach later.

Back in the Real World, the Bros. learn that Antasma is going after the Dream Stone, which resides in Dozing Sands. As the Bros. approach the ruins that hold the Dream Stone, they discover Antasma and Bowser had already stolen it. Prince Dreambert realizes that the Dream Stone's altar is a Dreampoint, a point where one can enter the Dream World easily. Mario enters the Dream World as Luigi sleeps on Prince Dreambert on the Dreampoint, into Dreamy Dozing Sands. After finding the Dream Stone's Soul, it tries to hide as it doesn't want to get involved but is pestered to the point it is consumed by fury, turning into the massive Robo-Drilldigger to get rid of the Bros.. Dreamy Luigi, fusing with many Luiginoids, then becomes Giant Luigi to defeat Robo-Drilldigger. After doing so, the Dream Stone's Soul tells Luigi where the Dream Stone was taking, Mount Pajamaja.

To reach Mount Pajamaja, the Bros. need to take a tour there, signing up requiring them to go to Wakeport. However, the tour can't begin until Big Massif, the big brother of Lil' Massif and one of the tour guides, shows up. The Bros. later find Big Massif voluntarily asleep on a Dreampoint. Mario enters Dreamy Wakeport, but discovers that to meet Dreamy Big Massif, they have to beat his four apprentices with special conditions involved. After beating all four, it is revealed that Dreamy Big Massif was disguised as the Referee. Upon beating Dreamy Big Massif, Big Massif wakes up, notices he slept in and starts the tour to and up Mount Pajamaja. After climbing up to the summit, the Bros. find Antasma, Bowser, Kamek and the Elite Trio starting to play music known as the Dreambeats, making all who hear it fall asleep, except for Pi'illos, Starlow, Antasma and Bowser (who is covering his ears). The Bros. try to escape but Luigi falls asleep. Mario manages to escape the Dreambeats by diving through the Dream Portal of a nearby Dreampoint into Dreamy Mount Pajamaja, but the Dream Portal soon closes as the music has made Luigi so deep in his sleep that it can't remain stable.

Meanwhile, the entire island falls asleep and Dream Orbs, orbs created by those who sleep, are absorbed into the Dream Stone to power it. As the Dream Stone finishes charging, Antasma wishes for a Castle for him and Bowser, and surrounds the castle with an impenetrable shield. As Mario gets out of the Dream World, the Bros. head to Pi'illo Castle, and find out that Princess Peach is at Driftwood Shore. When they arrive, they are told to go see Broque Madame who has disguised Peach and Toadsworth as Block folk. It is suggested that Peach should be hidden in the Dream World from Bowser. However, it is revealed that Peach was actually Kamek in disguise, who summons the Elite Trio to fight the Bros.. After being defeated, they are teleported out by Kamek who then leaves.

The Bros. start looking for a way to get to Neo Bowser Castle when they discover Dr. Snoozemore has returned and go to see him. Upon finding him, he suggests trying to find the Zeekeeper to break the shield around the Castle. To summon the Zeekeeper, they must use the Ultibed, which in order to access, must first be built by a Bedsmith once they collect the five Zee Parts scattered across the island. The Bros. then find Pi'illoper who takes them to his prize possession, Bedsmith, who is trapped in a Nightmare Chunk. When the Bros. finally reach the Nightmare Chunk, Earthwake, the guardian holding the nightmare chunk in its head, activates and forms a robot made of buildings resulting in another Giant Luigi battle. After beating Earthwake and breaking the nightmare chunk, Bedsmith is more than happy to help, but needs to meet the Bros. at his workshop in Somnom Woods to build the Ultibed.

After arriving in Somnom Woods, Bedsmith makes the Ultibed, and then tells the Bros. to find the Zeekeeper they would have to sleep in the temple in Somnom Woods. To reach the temple, the Bros. have to free the Pi'illo Masters which hold the keys to reaching the temple. In Dreamy Somnom Woods, Mario and Dreamy Luigi find the Zee Egg. Mario tries breaking the egg, releasing the Zeekeeper who fights Giant Luigi. After the Zeekeeper is defeated, he notices Prince Dreambert with the Bros. and upon hearing the dire situation reluctantly agrees to help. The Zeekeeper unleashes the Wakebeam upon the castle, shattering the barrier and causing the castle to plummet to the ground, allowing the Bros. to then storm the castle.

Upon infiltrating Neo Bowser Castle, Kamek tries to hinder Mario and Luigi's progress, but fails. The Bros. then find Bowser sleeping on Antasma as a pillow with a barrier protecting him. Luigi suggests they enter Bowser's Dream World, where they fight Bowser in his giant form. After losing, Bowser flees with Antasma, and Mario and Luigi pursue the duo. Antasma attempts to challenge the Mario Bros to a fight with the help of Bowser, but to the surprise of everyone, Bowser turns on Antasma, and he then reveals that was planning to double-cross Antasma all along, and flees to the top of the castle. Antasma reveals he had made a wish on the Dream Stone for the ability to create Dream Portals at some point, and flies through one just before besting Dreambert in a duel. Mario decides to avenge him and jumps into the Dream Portal himself, with Dreamy Luigi and a barely conscious Prince Dreambert joining the fight to assist him. After Mario defeats Antasma for good, they leave the Dream World, knowing they still have Bowser to take care of.

After avoiding Elite Trio's attacks, Mario, Luigi, Starlow, and Prince Dreambert make it to the castle balcony, where Bowser and Peach await. As Bowser boasts about the power he now has Peach and Starlow activate their wish power and, at the request of Prince Dreambert, destroy the Dream Stone. Bowser in turn inhales the Dream Stone's pieces and becomes Dreamy Bowser. Mario and Luigi engage battle with him, and upon winning, knock him flying into the sky. The castle begins to crumble without the Dream Stone sustaining it, but the Zeekeeper gives Mario and friends a lift back to Pi'illo Castle just in time.

Back at the castle Prince Dreambert presents the Zeekeeper with the Dream Stone's essence extracted from Bowser's body, hoping to get it repaired. He does so, but it becomes the Dream Coin, which spouts infinite coins, instead. The Zeekeeper explains that he made it this way because simply having the power to grant all wishes is too risky, and it's more intuitive to "buy" one's wishes. Meanwhile, Bowser and his minions are desperately trying to escape the island, and Bowser announces he will come back for revenge. They are then showered in coins from the Dream Coin, causing the Koopa Clown Car to fall into the ocean.


The player controls Mario and Luigi in the real world and Mario and Dreamy Luigi as Mario travels through Luigi's dreams. Players can interact with Luigi, which will activate some Luiginary Works Dreamy Luigi enters that will help Mario in Luigi's dream world.

Also, mini boss battle in the dream world are unlike battles in the real world and the game's 3 predecessors, Dreamy Luigi goes inside Mario, making Mario stronger. Mario can use Luiginary Attacks instead of Bros attack in the dream world, where he can use a multitude of Luigis that can morph into a ball, tower, hammer, and other things to help attack enemies.


Characters Playable/Antagonists/Others
Mario Playable
Luigi Playable
Dreamy Luigi Playable
Starlow (Dream World) Playable
Bowser Antagonist
Antasma Antagonist
Kamek Antagonist
Private Goomp Antagonist
Corporal Paraplonk Antagonist
Sergeant Guy Antagonist
Princess Peach Other
Toadsworth Other
Toads Other
Yoshis Other
Starlow Other
Pi'illos Other
Prince Dreambert Other
Eldream Other
Bedsmith Other
Mega Pi'illos Other
Dreambunny Other
Dr. Snoozemore Other
Brocks Other
Broque Monsieur Other
Broque Madame Other
Broggy Other
Brickle Other
Britta Other
Zeekeeper Other
Shelltops Other
Skillit Other
Mole Hunt Proprietor Other
Beanish Other
Hooskis Other
Big Massif Other
Lil' Massif Other
Dream Stone Soul Other
Seadrings Other
Seadric Other
Seabelle Other
Seatoon Other
Seabury Other
Kylie Koopa Other
Popple Other
Wiggler Other
Pi'illoper Other
Nommons Other

Major Areas

  • Pi'illo Blimport
  • Pi'illo Castle
  • Mushrise Park
  • Dream's Deep
  • Dreamy Mushrise Park
  • Dozing Sands
  • Dreamy Dozing Sands
  • Wakeport
  • Dreamy Wakeport 1
  • Mount Pajamaja
  • Dreamy Mount Pajamaja
  • Driftwood Shore
  • Dreamy Driftwood Shore
  • Dreamy Wakeport 2
  • Somnom Woods
  • Dreamy Somnom Woods
  • Neo Bowser Castle
  • Dreamy Neo Bowser Castle

Special Attacks

Special Attacks come into genera: Bros. Attacks and Luiginary attacks. Bros. Attacks are available in the real world where Mario and Luigi fight together. Their targeting differs: Mario tends to target one foe, while Luigi tends to target multiple foe. Luiginary Attacks can only be performed during Dream World Battles. Using these moves fills up Luigi's side of the Badge metre.

Attack Cost Criteria Operation Targeting
Mario's Bros. Attacks
3D Red Shell 4 Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Mushrise Park. Mario and Luigi run south of their target and kick a red Koopa Shell into them. This can only hit grounded enemies. This move targets a single enemy, but targets other enemies if the Bros. kill their target. This move uses their equipped boots.
Bye-Bye Cannon 7 Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Wakeport. Mario and Luigi launch out of the cannon and stomp their foe. If you get it right, the Bros. descend in the opposite order. This move targets a single enemy. The last six stomps target another random enemy if the Bros. kill their target with one of the first six. This move uses the Bros's equipped boots.
Bomb Derby 9 Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Driftwood Shore Luigi tosses Bombs and Mario smacks them with his hammer into the Bros.'s target. This move tends toward one enemy, but can target other enemies at random. This move uses Mario's equipped hammer.
Jet-Board Dash 12 Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Somnom Woods. As the Mario brothers speed toward their target on a rocket-propelled skateboard, Luigi swipes his hand on the ground to boost. Mario then smashes their target with his hammer. This move targets a single enemy, but targeting airborne enemies counts as flubbing. This move uses Mario's equipped hammer.
Zee Egg 15 Rescue all 52 Pi'illos, then return to Mushrise Park and meet Eldream to get the attack. Mario and Luigi break open the Zee Egg. The Zeekeeper jumps out and the Bros. hitch a ride on his back. The Zeekeeper launches a Wakeorb from his mind's eye. Mario and Luigi must smash the powerful energy orb with their hammers, increasing the power. This move targets one enemy, dealing the most damage to that enemy and dealing mediocre damage to others. It uses the Mario Bros.'s hammers.
Luigi's Bros. Attacks
3D Green Shell 4 Free Boss Brickle from the fountain in Mushrise Park. Same as the 3D Red Shell, but not as focused on one enemy. This move targets enemies at random. (Maximum: 10)
Fire Flower 5 Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Dozing Sands. Mario and Luigi enter their Fire Forms, charge up fireballs, and then, if you toss 20 fireballs successfully, go into bonfire mode and toss Fireballs with abandon. This move targets enemies at random.
Dropchopper 7 Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Mount Pajamaja. Mario and Luigi jump onto the drop-chopper and slam down onto their target. This move can target any enemy, but the blast wave from the drill stomp only hits grounded enemies. The Bros.'s Boots are applied here.
Slingsniper 9 Complete the ring puzzle on Mount Pajamaja. Mario drags Luigi back on the Slingsniper. Hold B and tilt to aim, then release to fire. This move can hit any enemy.
Star Rocket 12 Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Neo Bowser Castle. Mario and Luigi board a Warp Star-like craft and must collect smaller stars on their way to the foe. More stars mean more power. Upon reaching the foe, Mario and Luigi jump off and must stomp their target. This is the only one of the Luigi-activated Bros. Attacks to target a single enemy by default. The second Bro. targets a random foe if the first one kills the target. Mario and Luigi apply their Boots here.
Luiginary Attacks
Luiginary Ball 6 Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Dreamy Mushrise Park. Mario rolls the Luiginoid Ball towards his target and must take care to collect more Luiginoids so the ball does not break. At the foes, Mario must kick the ball into the enemy. This move can target any enemy, but the target must be hit by the maximum-size ball for an Excellent rating. Mario applies his Boots here.
Luiginary Stack 10 Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Dreamy Dozing Sands. Mario and Luigi stack up Luiginoids to make a giant tower. At the finisher, Mario and Luigi must stomp their target, dealing more damage with more Luiginoids. The initial stomp and Mario's stomp target a single enemy, but the falling Luiginoids target random enemies.
Luiginary Hammer 10 Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Dreamy Mount Pajamaja. The Luiginoids must accrete into a giant hammer that Mario swings at his target. This attack uses the equipped hammer. The intended target must be struck for an Excellent rating. This can actually hit any enemy. The shockwave hits all grounded enemies. Mario applies his hammer here.
Luiginary Flame 14 Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Dreamy Driftwood Shore. Luigi enters his Fire Form and throws a fireball at Mario, who must throw it. Mario and Luigi must jump to pass the fireball, causing it to grow. At the sequence's end, Mario must hit the Fireball with his hammer, damaging all enemies.

Strangely, Golden Beanies are immune to this Luiginary Attack.

This targets multiple foes and can deal fire damage.
Luiginary Wall 14 Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Dreamy Wakeport 2. Luigi spawns Luiginoids that surround the foes. Luigi spins his hammer. Mario then plays a little tennis with Luigi, smacking him into other enemies with his hammer. After several rallies, the wall will form a stack which Mario must use with his hammer send Luigi into, causing Luigi to knock his own Luiginoids onto the foes, dealing more damage. This attack can hit multiple foes. The brothers use their hammers for this attack.
Luiginary Typhoon 16 Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Dreamy Somnom Woods. Mario moves away from the enemies and must pull a rope to start the attack. Luigi and his Luiginoids then must catch their foes and must smash them with their hammers, dealing more damage. This attack hits multiple foes in the battlefield. Luigi applies his hammer for effects.


Normal Bosses

Boss HP EXP Coins Normal Drop (small gift) Rare Drop (large gift) Location
???? (Antasma) 4 0 N/A N/A Zeeppelin
Smoldergeist 4x 12 (each)
48 (total)
5 (6) 10 N/A Cozy Wear (25%) Pi'illo Castle
Dreamy Mario 96 75 (90) 45 N/A So-so Boots (100%) Dreamy Pi'illo Castle
Grobot 288 250 (300) 75 N/A So-so Hammer (large Gift) Mushrise Park
Bowser & Antasma 233 (Bowser)
6 (Antasma bats)
300 (360) 0 Syrup Jar (3%, Antasma bats) Iron Ball Hammer (100%, Bowser) Dream's Deep
Torkscrew 656 500 (600) 260 N/A Coin Boots (100%) Dozing Sands
Sorrow Fist 395 200 (240) 50 Super Candy (30%) HP Knockout Bangle (5%) Dreamy Wakeport 1
Beef Cloud 357 200 (240) 50 Super Candy (30%) HP Knockout Bangle (5%) Dreamy Wakeport 1
Heavy Zest 282 200 (240) 50 Super Candy (30%) HP Knockout Bangle (5%) Dreamy Wakeport 1
Thunder Sass 140 200 (240) 50 Super Candy (30%) HP Knockout Bangle (5%) Dreamy Wakeport 1
Big Massif 864 (Big Massif)
28 (Hooraw)
800 (960) 250 N/A Knockout Boots (100%) Dreamy Wakeport 1
Mammoshka 918 (Mammoshka)
1 (Block Monolift)
1,100 (1,320) 350 N/A 1-Up Gloves (50%) Mount Pajamaja
Elite Trio 415 (Corporal Paraplonk)
249 (Private Goomp)
581 (Sergeant Guy)
1,245 (total)
1 (Cannon)
8 (Sub-Goomba)
2100 (2520) 200 (Corporal Paraplonk)
300 (Private Goomp)
5 (Sergeant Guy)
5 (Sub-Goomba)
Mushroom (2%, Sub-Goomba) Counter Wear (100%, Corporal Paraplonk)
Action Hammer (100%, Sergeant Guy)
Mushroom (100%, Private Goomp)
Dreamy Driftwood Shore
Fly Guy R Thieves 149 (each)
447 (total)
570 (674) 105 Ultra Mushroom (small Gift) N/A Pi'illo Blimport
Wiggler 1,485 1,000 (1,200) 400 1-Up Deluxe (50%) Max Candy (30%) Wakeport
Popple 999 500 (600) 100 N/A Coin Bro Gloves DX (100%) Wakeport
Pi'illodium 1,673 (Pi'illodium)
172 (Wings, each)
344 (Wings, total)
1 (Mini Pi'illoid)
3,600 (4,120) 600 N/A Antiair Boots DX (100%) Somnom Woods
Kamek (1st battle) 1,428 N/A N/A N/A N/A Dreamy Neo Bowser Castle
Kamek (2nd battle) 1,743 N/A N/A N/A N/A Dreamy Neo Bowser Castle
Kamek (3rd battle) 1,496 (Kamek)
816 (Green Kamek)
544 (Red Kamek)
626 (White Kamek)
3,482 (total)
3,000 (3,600) 500 N/A Mushroom Gloves (100%) Dreamy Neo Bowser Castle
Antasma 2,435 (Antasma)
90 (Antasmunchie)
7,500 (9,000) 900 Max Candy (2%, Antasmunchie) Dark Hammer (100%) Dreamy Neo Bowser Castle
Dreamy Bowser 2,417 (Dreamy Bowser)
350 (Left Arm)
464 (Right Arm)
3,231 (total)
N/A N/A N/A N/A Neo Bowser Castle

Differences from other Mario & Luigi games

  • Starting with this game, Mario and Luigi do not let out their battle cries of "Let's-a-go!" and "Okey-dokey!" respectively when starting a battle. In place of those cries, the battle transition shows off how the battle was entered (i.e. a color-coded boot or hammer depending on which brother attacked attacked and how they attacked, or a "!" for bumping into an enemy). Both of these features were added in later entries.
  • This is the first game in the series where Bowser is consciously the final boss. This is also the first game where Bowser is not the tutorial boss, as Antasma occupies that role instead.
  • To accommodate the 3D feature of the Nintendo 3DS, the game's art style is radically altered to appear 3D while still using sprites. The letters on Mario and Luigi's Caps are red and green, respectively, instead of black, and Luigi's pants reach his shoes, hiding his socks. The brothers' mouths are also visible, and none of the enemies have black outlines. However, Dreamy Bowser has a white outline.
    • In addition, at certain points the game uses 3D models where sprites would not work with the stereoscopic 3D (such as during giant battles), making this the first Mario & Luigi game to use full 3D graphics.
  • Fawful, a recurring character throughout the series, does not make an appearance in this game although there is an unknown NPC that says one of his main quotes when talked to.
  • The Stache point system in shops has been dropped; the stat is now used only for Critical or Lucky hits.
  • Bosses always drop exclusive items/gear upon defeat (with the exception of Mammoshka, whose probability of dropping exclusive goods is still under 100%).
  • The player does not lose coins when running away from battles.
  • This is the second game in the series in which Mario and Luigi are the only playable characters in the game (though there is Dreamy Luigi in Dream World).
  • This is the first game in the series where battles do not take place on the touch screen (except for Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, due to the Game Boy Advance only having one screen). Instead, the badges take up the Bottom screen and Mario and Luigi fight on the top screen.
  • This is the first game in the series where the player cannot go into Peach's Castle, as the player gains control of Mario after he leaves the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • This is the first game in the series which does not feature the Poison status effect. Instead, the Mini status effect occurs.


On the day of the game's release in North America, a demo of the game was also released on the Nintendo eShop, making this the first strictly Mario game to have a publicly released demo for download. It uses 1,010 blocks when downloaded, and offers twelve uses. The demo is similar to the E3 demo, in that it has the same options for gameplay minus the giant battle:

  • The Real World - the player can explore a segment of Mushrise Park.
  • The Dream World - the player can explore a combination of Dreamy Pi'illo Castle and Dreamy Dozing Sands.
  • Boss Battle - the player is given the option of either facing Grobot in the real world or Bowser and Antasma in the Dream World.

In Mushrise Park, the objective is to destroy all the rocks, much like how Mario and Luigi must break all the rocks in certain areas upon their return to Mushrise Park. The area has also been changed to prevent the player from exploring other areas. In the Dream World, some areas have been combined to showcase the Luiginary Works. Additionally, in the battles, the available Bros. and Luiginary Attacks use half as many BP as they do in the actual game.


The game received aggregately positive reviews. Both Gamespot and IGN gave the game an 8/10, although it is the lowest review in the series up to that point by both of them. The reasons for this were that IGN believed that the overworld was less appealing than the Dream World and that the game's intro was sluggish and saturated with tutorials[1]. GameXplain on the other hand believes that the game is fun, despite its minor flaws, and that it lives up to the other installments in the series; the game was given 4 1/2 stars out of 5.



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As of March 31, 2014, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is the 13th best-selling game for the Nintendo 3DS, having sold about 2.08 million copies worldwide.


  • Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is the second Mario game to receive an E10 rating by the ESRB, the first being Mario Strikers Charged. The ACB rated it PG as well.
    • This is also the final Mario game to use this type of ESRB rating system. The reason for the change, starting from Mario Party: Island Tour onwards, is because they wanted to make it easier to see on mobile devices.[2]
    • This game was originally shown to be rated E by the ESRB like its predecessors,[3] but was later changed to an E10 rating for unknown reasons.
  • This is the second 3DS Mario game to receive a patch, the first being Mario Kart 7. The patch removes most freezing issues from the game and was released during September 2013.

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