Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (JP) (known as Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. in the PAL regions) is an RPG game released for the Nintendo 3DS in July and August of 2013. It is the 4th entry in the Mario & Luigi series and is one of the five games celebrated during The Year of Luigi.


One day, a letter is delivered to the Mushroom Kingdom inviting the residents to come visit Pi'illo Island. A hot air balloon comes and is boarded by Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toadsworth, and several Toads.

However, while the balloon is in midflight, a dark, nightmarish villain (who's name is later revealed to be Antasma later in the game) appears and fights a battle with the Mario Bros. Then, the balloon crashlands onto the island and Luigi gets knocked out.

He eventually shows up with the others a bit later. When they arrive, the guests take a little quiz and earn coins when they answer correctly. Luigi plays too, and afterwards the brothers play a game that can multiply their winnings. Afterwards, they enter the castle and the story begins...


The player controls Mario and Luigi in the real world and Mario and Dreamy Luigi as Mario travels through Luigi's dreams. Players can interact with Luigi, which will activate some Luiginary Works Dreamy Luigi enters that will help Mario in Luigi's dream world.

Also, mini boss battle in the dream world are unlike battles in the real world and the game's 3 preceders, Dreamy Luigi goes inside Mario, making Mario stronger. Mario can use Luiginary Attacks instead of Bros attack in the dream world, where he can use a multitude of Luigis that can morph into a ball, tower, hammer, and other things to help attack enemies.


Character Playable / Antagonist / Other
Mario Playable
Luigi Playable
Dreamy Luigi Playable
Starlow (Dream World) Playable
Bowser Antagonist
Antasma Antagonist
Kamek Antagonist
Private Goomp Antagonist
Corporal Paraplonk Antagonist
Sergeant Guy Antagonist
Princess Peach Other
Toadsworth Other
Toads Other
Yoshis Other
Starlow Other
Pi'illos Other
Prince Dreambert Other
Eldream Other
Bedsmith Other
Mega Pi'illos Other
Dreambunny Other
Dr. Snoozemore Other
Brocks Other
Broque Monsieur Other
Broque Madame Other
Broggy Other
Brickle Other
Britta Other
Zeekeeper Other
Shelltops Other
Skillit Other
Mole Hunt Proprietor Other
Beanish Other
Hooskis Other
Big Massif Other
Lil' Massif Other
Dream Stone Soul Other
Seadrings Other
Seadric Other
Seabelle Other
Seatoon Other
Seabury Other
Kylie Koopa Other
Popple Other
Wiggler Other
Pi'illoper Other
Nommons Other

Major Areas

Bros./Luiginary Attacks

Attack Cost Criteria
3D Red Shell 4 Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Mushrise Park.
Bye-Bye Cannon 7 Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Wakeport.
Bomb Derby 9 Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Driftwood Shore
Jet-Board Dash 12 Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Somnom Woods.
Zee Egg 15 Rescue all 52 Pi'illos, then return to Mushrise Park and meet Eldream to get the attack.
3D Green Shell 4 Free Boss Brickle from the fountain in Mushrise Park.
Fire Flower 5 Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Dozing Sands.
Dropchopper 7 Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Mount Pajamaja.
Slingsniper 9 Complete the ring puzzle on Mount Pajamaja.
Star Rocket 12 Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Neo Bowser Castle.
Luiginary Attacks
Luiginary Ball 6 Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Dreamy Mushrise Park.
Luiginary Stack 10 Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Dreamy Dozing Sands.
Luiginary Hammer 10 Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Dreamy Mount Pajamaja.
Luiginary Flame 14 Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Dreamy Driftwood Shore.
Luiginary Wall 14 Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Dreamy Wakeport 2.
Luiginary Typhoon 16 Collect all 10 Attack Pieces in Dreamy Somnom Woods.


Normal Bosses

Boss HP EXP Coins Normal Drop (small gift) Rare Drop (large gift) Location
???? (Antasma) 4 0 N/A N/A Zeeppelin
Smoldergeist 4x 12 (each)
48 (total)
5 (6) 10 N/A Cozy Wear (25%) Pi'illo Castle
Dreamy Mario 96 75 (90) 45 N/A So-so Boots (100%) Dreamy Pi'illo Castle
Grobot 288 250 (300) 75 N/A So-so Hammer (large Gift) Mushrise Park
Bowser & Antasma 233 (Bowser)
6 (Antasma bats)
300 (360) 0 Syrup Jar (3%, Antasma bats) Iron Ball Hammer (100%, Bowser) Dream's Deep
Torkscrew 656 500 (600) 260 N/A Coin Boots (100%) Dozing Sands
Sorrow Fist 395 200 (240) 50 Super Candy (30%) HP Knockout Bangle (5%) Dreamy Wakeport 1
Beef Cloud 357 200 (240) 50 Super Candy (30%) HP Knockout Bangle (5%) Dreamy Wakeport 1
Heavy Zest 282 200 (240) 50 Super Candy (30%) HP Knockout Bangle (5%) Dreamy Wakeport 1
Thunder Sass 140 200 (240) 50 Super Candy (30%) HP Knockout Bangle (5%) Dreamy Wakeport 1
Big Massif 864 (Big Massif)
28 (Hooraw)
800 (960) 250 N/A Knockout Boots (100%) Dreamy Wakeport 1
Mammoshka 918 (Mammoshka)
1 (Block Monolift)
1,100 (1,320) 350 N/A 1-Up Gloves (50%) Mount Pajamaja
Elite Trio 415 (Corporal Paraplonk)
249 (Private Goomp)
581 (Sergeant Guy)
1,245 (total)
1 (Cannon)
8 (Sub-Goomba)
2100 (2520) 200 (Corporal Paraplonk)
300 (Private Goomp)
5 (Sergeant Guy)
5 (Sub-Goomba)
Mushroom (2%, Sub-Goomba) Counter Wear (100%, Corporal Paraplonk)
Action Hammer (100%, Sergeant Guy)
Mushroom (100%, Private Goomp)
Dreamy Driftwood Shore
Fly Guy R Thieves 149 (each)
447 (total)
570 (674) 105 Ultra Mushroom (small Gift) N/A Pi'illo Blimport
Wiggler 1,485 1,000 (1,200) 400 1-Up Deluxe (50%) Max Candy (30%) Wakeport
Popple 999 500 (600) 100 N/A Coin Bro Gloves DX (100%) Wakeport
Pi'illodium 1,673 (Pi'illodium)
172 (Wings, each)
344 (Wings, total)
1 (Mini Pi'illoid)
3,600 (4,120) 600 N/A Antiair Boots DX (100%) Somnom Woods
Kamek (1st battle) 1,428 N/A N/A N/A N/A Dreamy Neo Bowser Castle
Kamek (2nd battle) 1,743 N/A N/A N/A N/A Dreamy Neo Bowser Castle
Kamek (3rd battle) 1,496 (Kamek)
816 (Green Kamek)
544 (Red Kamek)
626 (White Kamek)
3,482 (total)
3,000 (3,600) 500 N/A Mushroom Gloves (100%) Dreamy Neo Bowser Castle
Antasma 2,435 (Antasma)
90 (Antasmunchie)
7,500 (9,000) 900 Max Candy (2%, Antasmunchie) Dark Hammer (100%) Dreamy Neo Bowser Castle
Dreamy Bowser 2,417 (Dreamy Bowser)
350 (Left Arm)
464 (Right Arm)
3,231 (total)
N/A N/A N/A N/A Neo Bowser Castle



GameRankings 82.84% (based on 19 reviews)
MetaCritic 83 (based on 37 critic reviews)
Edge 7/10
Eurogamer 7/10
Famitsu 38/40[1]
GameSpot 8/10
GamesRadar 4/5
GamesTM 8/10
IGN 8/10
Nintendo World Report 9/10
Official Nintendo Magazine 92/100

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team received positive reviews. Reviewers largely praised the gameplay, humor, and soundtrack, but some criticisms were drawn towards the overabundance of tutorials and some pacing issues. The game currently holds a score of 81% on Metacritic.

According to Nintendo, the game has sold about 2.08 million copies as of March 31, 2014.


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