Mario & Luigi: Brothership is an upcoming role-playing game for the Nintendo Switch, and is the first new entry to the Mario & Luigi RPG series in nine years. It will be released on November 7, 2024.


For the first time in the sub-series' history, Brothership will have a full 3D gameplay, while retaining elements and combat from the past games.

The game would have an emphasis on Mario and Luigi's bonding, hence the name.



Playable characters[]

  • Mario
  • Luigi

Support Characters[]

  • Snoulet
  • Connie


  • A blue childlike member of this species in a sailor hat
  • A yellow adult-like member of this species that appears to run a shop
  • A team of characters wearing orange bands that includes:
  1. Princess Peach, who wears her band around her wrist
  2. Dorrie, who wears his band around his neck
  3. A short pink member of the Concordian species that wears their band like a hairbow
  4. A thin green member of the Concordian species that wears their band off of their antenna
  5. A round-bodied yellow member of the Concordian species that wears their band like a cape
  6. A tiny blue member of the Concordian species that wears their band like a scarf
  • Toadsworth
  • Toadiko
  • An unnamed Brock in tourist clothing who acts as a tour guide
  • A newsboy Beanish who announces news from the newspapers he sells
  • Captain Toad


  • The Extension Corps, the main antagonists in the game which include:
  1. A villainous-looking figure who appears to be the leader of the organization wearing a cloak held together by what seems to be a wire cutter, a tall hat that has two cables coming out of it (both have a different color, with one of them being red and the other being green), and a masquerade mask
  2. A lanky purple high-ranking member similar to a headphone jack
  3. stout turquoise/blue high-ranking member similar to a VGA connector
  4. A floating magenta high-ranking member similar to a VHF/UHF coaxial transformer and wearing a yellow cape
  • Bowser


While the developer studio is yet to be announced, some of the crew members from past Mario & Luigi games were confirmed to be involved.[2]



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The game was first announced at a Nintendo Direct presentation in June 2024.


  • It will be the first Mario & Luigi game:
    • To ever be developed for a home console.
    • Since AlphaDream's closure in 2019, consequently being developed by a different studio.
    • To have live-performed orchestra music.
    • To have new voices (performed by Kevin Afghani) after Charles Martinet's departure


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