Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey is a remake of the Nintendo DS game, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story for the Nintendo 3DS in 2019. It features a side story mode about Bowser Jr. in the same style as Bowser's Minions mode.


The game is a classic action RPG, this time with more adventure gameplay. Mario and Luigi are controlled together while Bowser is controlled separately. While not in battle, the A and B buttons will make Mario and Luigi jump, respectively. Bowser, on the other hand, can be controlled with the X and Y buttons, which will allow him to punch and breath fire. The touchscreen and mic is used in various mini games.

In Bowser's Inside Story, Mario and Luigi will trek through Bowser's body after being engulfed by him and subsequently shrunk while under the control of Fawful.


Bowser's Jr. Journey

Bowser Jr. will cross paths with our unlikely allies as he recruits Ranged, Flying, and Melee troopers to fight for his cause. Strategically you can form teams and pit them against enemies to reign.


Mario & Luigi - Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey - Screenshot 00001

Screenshot of Bowser's Inside Story segment.

Mario and Luigi are stuck inside Bowser, forced to accomplish unusual tasks to assist their arch nemesis. You'll have to search the Mushroom Kingdom for a cure for Bowser. The game also tells the untold story of Bowser Jr.'s Journey.


The title so far (February 2019) has sold very poorly, likely due to the age of the 3DS. The 3DS version of this game has received highly scored reviews, but are slightly lower than the DS version's.


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