These are quotes said by Mario.


From the games

  • "It's a-me, Mario!"
  •  "Hello!"
  • "Thank you so much for playing my game!"
  • "Wahoo!"
  • "Oh yeah!"
  • "Mario time!"
  •  "Lucky!"
  •  "Hui hew! Just what I needed!"
  •  "Spin! Hammer! Fire! Jump!"
  • "Throwaway!"
  • "Yiiiiiipeee!"
  • "Yeah, ha ha ha!"
  • "Waha!"
  • "Let's-a go!"
  • "Here we go!"
  •  "Yes! I'm the winner!"
  • "Luigi!"
  •  "Babies!"
  • "Unintended! Yahoo!"
  • "Mario Kart Wii! Yahoo!"
  • "Mario Kart....7!"
  •  "Hey! Come back here! You big-a monkey!"
  • "Let's-a go, little guys!"
  • "Way to go!"
  • "Oh, you! It's all you baby!"
  •  "We did it! Good job little guy."
  • "Don't forget to thank Mr. Minamoto!"
  •  "Ah, that Charles Martinet...nice Italian boy."
  • "Here I go!"
  • "Nice of the princess to invite us over a picnic, eh Luigi?"
  • "So long, eh Bowser!"
  • "Buh-bye!"
  • "Mama Mia!"
  • "Mama ho haw ho, wowwow!"
  • "Mama mia..."
  • "New Super Mario Brothers Weehee!"
  • "Super Mario 3D Land!"
  • "Thanks for playing! Way to go!"
  • "Thanks for-a playing my-a game!"
  •  "Super Mario Sunshine! Hoo-hoo!"
  • "Super Mario Galaxy!"
  • "Welcome! Welcome, new galaxy!!!"
  • "Super Mario Galaxy! Yahoo!"
  • "Hui hew! This way!"
  •  "Oh, yeah! Hey ah!!"
  • "Mario Kart... 8!"
  • "Super Mario Odyssey!"
  • "Nintendo!"

From the cartoons

  • "Hey, maybe we'll see you on PBS!"
  • "Aah, worthless Koopa junk!"
  • "Hey! Where you learn how to ride a bike!?"
  • "Sorry we can't stay and chat with you goons, but we have a race to win!"
  • "Hey, King Koopa! You can at least say goodbye!"
  • "Get back here, Koopa! Don't you know vegetables are good for you?"
  • "Catfish pizza? This may be a first, but I'm not hungry!"
  • "Wake up, Luigi! The only time plumbers sleep on the job is when we're working by the hour."
  • "Common Luigi, let's see what this Guernsey can earnings!"
  • "Now go home and eat some vegetables, Dr. Mario's orders!"
  • "Dr. Mario says that Captain N & Super Mario Bros. World will return!"
  • "Don't worry, Princess, we'll find little Oogtar soon - it's almost past his bedtime!"
  • "Common, I'll help you sink your teeth into some delicious Koopameat."
  • "Nice try, Koopa, but it's gonna take a lot more than a silly party hat to make me... Koop-masters, your wish is my command."
  • "Kooky, give lo' Koopa a Koop where it really counts!"
  • "Whoops! I just invented the tossed salad!"
  • "No more clowning around, Koopa! You're Koo-put!"
  • "[Bowser is] having a coffin spell!"
  • "A Mario Brother never says 'can't', Luigi!"
  • "I never saw so many tonsils in all my life!"
  • "Brave men die a single death; cowards marry fish-head mermaids!"
  • "Uh, excuse my brother, he gets nervous around guys six times bigger than him!"
  • "My brother's been turned into an egg, and now these wretched reptiles want us to play football with my brother as the ball! I mean, what's the kingdom comin' to?!"
  • "We can fix anything if there's spaghetti involved!"

From comics

  • "Life is a game, kid! It all depends on how you play!"
  • "Tea hee... I mean, tee hee!"
  • "Oops. I meant to do that."
  • "I wish Luigi were here, I could blame him!"
  • "Oh, no! The Princess is being forced to listen to a debate by two Fry guys about the names for the little things on the end of your shoelaces!"
  • "Stay away, you guys. I overslept, and I have to save the Princess!"
  • "When the going gets tough, the tough read Dirk Drain-Head!"
  • "Get your grimy meat hooks off of my mag, Luigi!"
  • "Why do salesmen always have such bouncy personalities?"
  • "But I've got drains to drain! Clogs to unclog! Remember... the noble always comes through? Besides, this coat is turning my hair brown!"
  • "Sticky juice! The stickier the sauce, the better I like it!"
  • "Oh no! It's a pipe-o-Rama!"
  • "Okay, I think we're finally out of danger, Luigi. Luigi...?! That louse! He's probably cowering in some little hideaway at this very moment! And he didn't even tell me about it!!"

From the movie

  • "No woman can resist the charm of a Mario."
  • "You better get a lawyer or get us out of this chicken coop!"
  • "What my brother is trying to say, is he doesn't know what to say."


Luigi: I just hope this crazy plan of yours works!
Mario: My crazy plans always work!

Luigi: Now we'll never get back to Brooklyn.
Mario: Take it easy, Luigi, things could be worse!
Luigi: We're trapped in a dungeon, about to be executed! How could things get any worse?
Mario: Well for one thing, the roof could fall until it flattens us like a pizza.
[The ceiling stars lowering]
Toad: Very uncool, dudes; the ceiling is lowering!
Mario: Or the room could fill with water until we all drown like rats!
[The room starts filling with water]
Peach: We've gotta get out of here!
Mario: Hey, I could think of another way things could be worse!
Luigi: Mario, please! Don't say another word!

Luigi: See? We're here ahead of time. We got a-half an hour till chow.
Mario: Half an hour!? I could starve by then!

Luigi: What's [Tricycle] gonna do with that net, Mario?
Mario: He's not going fishing'; that's for sure, Luigi!

Bowser: Know what I'm gonna do with you buttinskies?
Mario: Say you're sorry and let us go?

Luigi: 200 years [in prison]!? Whatever we gonna do!?
Mario: Don't worry, because I doubt we're gonna live 200 years, Luigi!

Luigi: Hey Mario! You sure you know what you're doing?
Mario: Sure, I'm doing 60 miles an hour!

Peach: Guys, you've been tricked! This race was one of Koopa's traps!
Toad: Yeah, the bill collect after my mushroom hide was just a phony!
Luigi: You mean I risked my neck for nothing!?
Mario: You mean I wasted my tomato sauce!??!

Mario: Luigi, do you like pancakes?
Luigi: Yeah, I love 'em. Why?
Mario: Because if we don't think of something fast, that's what we're going to be squashed into!

Luigi: Mario, have I ever told you that you drive me crazy?
Mario: That's great! Dirk drives his brother crazy too!

Luigi: Ah, there we go, the valves are tightened.
Mario: Tightened? I thought we were loosening them!

Bowser: A circus isn't a circus without a dinosaur-taming act!
Mario: Uh, how about a chipmunk-taming act instead?

Bowser: And who's gonna stop me? Your plumber pals ran out on you, remember?
Mario: Wrong again, lizard-breath!
Luigi: I thought we were gonna sneak up on him, Mario.
Mario: I forgot.

Peach: Okay Wooster--come clean! Where'd you stash [my crown]?
Wooster: Honestly, Princess. I haven't "stashed" anything.
Mario: What's going on?
Peach: Rats, I'd hoped he was lying.
Mario: If it makes you feel any better, I'll lie to you!