Mario's Super Picross (マリオのスーパーピクロス) is a Super Famicom video game by Jupiter, Ape and Nintendo that was released late 1995 exclusively in Japan, though in 2007 gamers in European would get a treat when it was released on the Virtual Console (note: it was also released on the Japanese Virtual Console a year prior in 2006 during the launch window of the Wii and Virtual Console). The game is one of the few games that can be controlled with the SNES Mouse.

Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe both decided not to release the game when it was initially released in Japan due to the Picross games being labeled a failure in those territories. Even with the Mario branding the games would barely budge in stores, though they remained moderately successful in Japan. Nintendo recently released Picross DS in America and Europe, and in Europe this game was released on the Virtual Console on the game's 12th anniversary (September 14, 2007). Unfortunately, Nintendo of Europe didn't alter the game, and it retained its Japanese text. They also raised the price by 100 Nintendo Points (then known as Wii Points) due to it never being released in the area.


The game is similar to previous games in the Picross series. Using the numerical clues that are given, you are required to chisel squares on the grid. Once you have chiseled every necessary square on the grid, then it will be revealed that you created a picture. Mario and Wario will both offer puzzles to accomplish. There aren't many differences, though Mario's puzzles do have a time limit, while Wario's don't, and while the goal is still to do in in the shortest time possible, you can still take your time. Nevertheless, this does not exactly make Wario's mode easier, as they will not warn you if you choose a wrong square. It should be noted that on Mario's puzzles, if you chisel a square that you shouldn't have, then it will deduct a certain amount of time off of the timer. If need be, you can partake in a tutorial at the beginning of the game and can also gain hints as well.

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