Mario's Mallet is a minigame from Mario Party-e for the Game Boy Advance. The game is only playable with an e-Reader, with the card 49622A 06-A012 (Graceful Princess Peach).


Despite featuring Princess Peach on the card, you play as Mario in the game. When you press A to start the game, you have to press A a second time to select a random number between 10 and 29. The number will determine how many Goombas will come from the Warp Pipe. The goal of the game is to hit every Goomba with your hammer as they come out, but to not hit Luigi when he comes up. When you hit every Goomba, you clear the game.


On the card, it gives these instructions:

"Exchange 1 of your Hand cards with any card in the Deck or Discard Pile. Reshuffle the Deck if you choose to look through it."

In the game, the menu has these instructions:

"A : Swing Hammer"

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