Maribelle is a playable character in Dragalia Lost.


Maribelle is a child with pink hair and blue eyes. She wears blue and yellow clothes and a flower crown on her head. Her hair is tied into pigtails.

In her student variant, her hair is tied into braids which were done by Cleo and she wears a white beret with a flower. She wears a school uniform with a red vest and blue tie. She also wears stockings and black shoes.

Official Description

A sprightly girl of the forest whose innocent cheer is a breath of fresh air in any situation. She wants to be taken seriously and gets angry when treated like a child—although anyone can befriend her with a sweet or two.

Official Description (Student Maribelle)

A wand-wielding girl from the forest, decked out in a new uniform and ready for school. She can bring her bunnies and squirrels along, but the bears have to stay home.