Maribel is the daughter of the mayor of Pilchard Bay in Dragon Quest VII.


Maribel is quite snobbish. Being the daughter of the mayor has helped nurture this trait. Her target is usually Auster. She regards him as a lackey, expecting him to provide protection to her, even in battle. She is often very pushy, especially when she doesn't get her way. Maribel has no problem expressing her opinion on any subject, going so far as to label the Wind Spirit a slut. To her parents, she is too rambunctious and they would like her to be more ladylike. However, beneath her abrasive exterior is a considerate heart. After she learns of her father's illness, she voluntarily leaves the party to look after him.

As the game progresses, Maribel slowly becomes a more mature and caring person. She also shows more consideration towards others, being more sympathetic towards the plight of the people in each town the party visits. Being away on her adventures makes her miss home and appreciate the love of her parents, especially as they finally come to understand one another. She is even able to become more honest with her feelings, very nearly expressing affection towards Auster once they are both back in Pilchard Bay.

Maribel is shown to be capable of putting on a charming front when she wants to. She gets along well with Pearl, Auster's mother - possibly to the player's chagrin. Pearl even remarks a few times that she thinks Maribel is a good influence on Auster. Maribel is very concerned with her appearance, often making unprompted remarks on her own beauty.

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