Marble Madness
Marble Madness Box art
North American box art
Developer(s) Rare Ltd. (NES)
Tengen (GB)
Digital Eclipse (GBC)
Publisher(s) Milton Bradley (NES)
Mindscape Inc. (GB)
Midway (GBC)
Platform(s) Nintendo Entertainment System platform icon Game Boy platform icon Game Boy Color platform icon
Genre(s) Action

03ESRB - E 

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Marble Madness was a game released to the NES and Game Boy in 1989 and 1991 respectively. It involved navigating a marble through increasingly complex mazes within a specified time limit. Leftover minutes from the previous level were carried over. The game was originally an arcade game, and utilized a trackball. Because the NES game used the D-pad instead, the controls were notably harder. The NES version was released by Milton Bradley. A revamped version was released a decade later for the Game Boy Color.