The Maraca Gang are one of the high-ranking members of the Tiki Tak Tribe and one of the main antagonists of Donkey Kong Country Returns.


After the eruption of Donkey Kong Island's volcano, the Maracas and their brethren were freed from their imprisonment deep within the volcano and by order of their leader, Tiki Tong the Tikis proceeded to hypnotize all the animals of the island and have them steal every single Banana in sight for use in their evil plot, this even included Donkey Kong's precious Banana Hoard. Soon after acquiring a large sum of bananas the Maraca Gang take control of the Beach region of the island and hypnotize the Snaps and pirates to aid them in their banana conquest.

However the Maraca Gang were unaware that Donkey Kong and Diddy were on there way to stop them in order to reclaim their stolen bananas and they had already defeated the Maracas' sibling Kalimba who was originally in control of the jungle of the island. The two Kongs eventually stumble upon the Scurvy Crew, who are leisurely enjoying DK's bananas, however they are all soon spotted by the Maraca Gang, who then proceeds to possess the Scurvy Crew and try to eliminate DK. The ape eventually defeats the fiendish pirates and with a powerful punch, he sends the Maraca Gang flying.

The three Tikis later appear during the final boss fight along with the other six Tiki leaders where they transform into one of Tiki Tong's hands and are used to fight the ape. They are destroyed, however, during the battle.

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