Maple Tree House is a course in Mario Kart Wii. It is based on a windy race track that goes through a maple tree.


Mario Kart Wii

As you pass the starting line, you will make a right turn and then a long left turn towards a cannon. Note: there is a well hidden shortcut to the right at the beginning. After shooting through the cannon to the beginning of the track, you will enter a track inside maple tree and turn left. Then, you'll end up on a round branch that is easy to fall off, and make a sharp U-turn to the left and head towards two Wigglers to avoid. Then turn right on to another tree branch with two boost pads. Coming off the branch, make a sharp right turn and head for a rope-less bridge. Then, jump of a boost pad onto a third tree branch and turn right onto a bouncing net. Heading for the finish line, there are passages on either side with boost pads. Finally, you will go straight towards the finish line.


  • There is a hidden passage at the very beginning of the track behind a branch that may get you ahead of opponents and straight to the cannon.
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