Manky Kongs are orangutans with extremely long arms that appear in some of the later levels of Donkey Kong Country. Manky Kongs are the only other monkey enemies in the game. An interesting fact is that they were actually at one time a part of the Kong Family. They were banned from the family because of their obnoxious and mischevious behavior. After they were banned, they joined King K. Rool and appeared as enemies in the games.

Manky Kongs are dangerous enemies that appear in many of the later levels of the game. They throw barrels rapidly at whichever Kong is closest to them. They have an unlimited supply of barrels, and don't stop throwing them until they are killed. Another interesting factis that all of the Kongs that haven't been banned are Gorillas, and all of the banned members are Orang-utans. It is unknown why this is, but perhaps it because Orang-utans are just more Mischevious than Gorillas. That is why they were banned.

It is also odd how their are so many Manky Kongs, when there are only thirteen current members of the Kong Family. Either the Mankies made up a large percentage of the family, or many generations have passed since they were banned.

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