​Mamori Minamoto ​is a playable character in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.


Mamori is an elementary-school age girl and entertainer that works at Fortuna Entertainment. She is also a Mirage Master, and her Mirage partner is Draug. She is currently the star of a children's television program called Microwavin' with Mamorin. Her birthday is August 11.

Mamori is initially unaware of Mirages and the Idolaspheres, but was hired by Maiko Shimazaki due to having exceptionally strong Performa. Maiko, however, refuses to involve Mamori in the battle against Mirages due to her still being a child. It isn't until the corrupted Draug attacks a special TV performance that Mamori was to take part in and possesses Barry Goodman that she learns about the conflict.

After following Itsuki's party through the Idolasphere, Mamori weakens Draug's grip on Barry by singing, giving Barry the opening to break free and for Itsuki and the others to beat Draug back. With her newly awakened Performa, Mamori manages to purify Draug and become his Mirage Master.

Although she enjoys working on her TV show, Mamori loves singing, and wants more singing gigs. Prior to the game's events, she released an album of ballads, but it failed to sell. In her side stories, Mamori also struggles to contend with format changes made to her TV show by the show's producer.

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